DIY celestial gifts

☆“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” ☆
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Celestial DIYs printable template:

My ring is from Bohindie Stream!

* includes some affiliate links from which I earn a small commission if you purchase an item through the link

Celestial hair pins
+ polymer clay*: I used this one*:
+ flat top hair pins: hobby lobby
+ bobby pins: target
+ spray paint: hobby lobby

moon phase wall hanging
+ polymer clay*:
+ gold spray paint: hobby lobby
+ twine or string: any craft store
+ gold spray paint: hobby lobby

dream journal
+ cardboard: recycled
+ plain paper
+ baker’s twine: micheals
+ alphabet stamp: micheals
+ gel pen:

trinket dish
+ polymer clay*:
+ acrylic paint: any craft store

celestial charms & keychains:
+ polymer clay*:
+ acrylic paint: any craft store
+ keychains and jump rings: hobby lobby
+ mini glass bottle charms: hobby lobby


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(some affiliate links)
+ camera i use:
+ 18-55mm lens:
+ 50mm lens:
+ editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro


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all music from

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Angelina Orozco says:

Can u do a room tour! These DIYS are amazing i would love to see your room

GucciM00se says:

This is honestly my FAVE video I’ve found for diy holiday gifts. I have a lot of witchy/pagan friends and people who just like this theme so thank you!! I love it

Wolfen LostSoul says:

Your voice is so calming I love it

Jiru Candy says:

These are so lovely~~ Do you happen to know the names/artists of the songs? I followed your music link but it was just the full library…

Rhiannon Sapp says:

these are so pretty but sis turn your mic gain down

It's Cerise says:

Such an aesthetic video!

Maisha Haque says:

❤️ LOVE ❤️

Hodaya Dostri says:

That’s very good quality and relaxing video to watch first time for me here definitely subscribe

Sandeep Kaur says:

Wow….simply amazing

Ingrid Love says:

Wear a mask when working with E6000. Super toxic to breathe in.

LinLin23 says:

My hippie art teacher would love this

adminkorpo _ says:

i love u ❤️❤️❤️

Selina McGinn says:

I like the dream journal.

suzyapirate says:

Ah I just found your channel, and every video you make is so beautiful!! It’s making me feel nostalgic in a weird way 🙂

renalice barroga says:

ahahaha watching this video and thought ‘ I will definitely subscribe to this channel’ turns out I already am subscribed to your channel

Linnea Burke says:

these are all so awesome!! I’m going to make the wall hanging for sure and I was wondering how you would suggest packaging it?

peacchybrr says:

this is the cutest diy collection i’ve seen. it really fits the theme of my room and i think i’ll just make these for myself. thank you for the hard work you put into this and i encourage you to make more! have a great goliday, love ♡

Rui Chan says:

I love all of these and the keychain gave me a good idea of what to make for my mom for Christmas ❤️❤️

Youniverses says:

I would love to try these! But sadly we don’t have an oven : (

Avery Strauss says:

I’m making these for myself♡

Joey_ is_lazy says:

t h i s _ i s _ s o _ a e s t h e t i c

SheAlieMcCartney says:

I just found you; and I started loving you since.

Ellie Dodson says:

girl, these are cute. keep being creative and never stop. 🙂

Lindy says:

wow these are gorgeous

Ngoc Bui says:

I love all of these ideas! So glad I found your channel 🙂

SupernovaPlayz :3 says:

I would so make these buuuuuutttt I would keep them . This is my kind of aesthetic

Hassatou Diallo says:

Michelle Garcia says:

this is so aesthetically pleasing and I never knew how simple is to do a journal

all the love and thank you so much

My Life As Sarah says:

Idk why but i feel like she’s a witch!

Liz yoga girl says:

Jordan Clark did you make that ring yourself that you’re wearing?

Alina Nechiporenko says:

I thought they were essential gifts. I have a minor reading dyslexia lol.

Ririz Making This and That says:

Hey is it ok to use same oven with the one you use for food? won’t it harmful?

Khaya Kittridge says:

I’m a witch so this is very helpful. So pretty

kim junmyeon is watching says:

it has been so long since i last watched your videoss! ahhh

sajana says:

These are such darling diys <3

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