DIY Box of Happy – Just Because Gift Idea – HGTV Handmade

Looking for a way to put a smile on your BFF’s face? Check out Marianne’s cute and fun DIY ideas for creating a “just because” happy box gift that is sure to add some cheer to your best pal’s day!

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Fjdnshsj Djfj says:

it helped me alot. Thank you so much for the idea.

Zara's Life says:

A red themed bow with m & ms

Oh So Carmen says:

That box would definitely make me happy.

Cynthia Fonseca says:

i wanna get her that but im gonna be jealous cause i want tht to

Candy Francis says:

Omg great idea! Thank u so much, defently gonna give this to my BFF. And put her new iphone i bought her in it <3

e dilayeva says:

you should give one away

Alma Chavez says:

This is the best idea ever! I’m totally doing this for my friends 😀

Dev Pathak says:

you have a sweet voice

gRaCiE says:

Did she just steal dan howells intro???

Hyder Hyder says:

just badddddddddd vedio in the world

elizabeth matos says:

I really loved this I keep watching it and I’m doing this for my friends you just inspired me

Danielle Golding says:

I love this idea my friend is sick and I can’t wait to surprise her with it

Pamela Medina says:

where did u get it from

MyLifeAs Jezelle says:

I would put a c-d of my friends favorite music,gum,travel mug,

Svet Leina says:


Calese West says:

Hi calese

Maddy MSP says:

Mine has to be green lmao

Zoya Dasa says:

If I had the money, I’d love to do this for random strangers and loved ones

jane li says:

I’m making my mom one for mothers day

MapleSyrup says:

I’m gonna make one for my gf <3

Samantha Hulet says:

i would like in mine candy, makeup, tiny body items like perfume or ltion or hansanatizer and lip balm, tiny plush doll, and like extra random cute stuff

ThatgirlReagan 2000 says:

Omg thanks so much!

Fly with Seraph wings says:

sticking a personalized note to the inner lid of the box is a good idea, i’d love a pampering set with the photo cum snow globe.

Jocelyn MGM says:

I would die if one of my friends give me something like that

Maria Wierzelewska says:

I wouldn’t really mind what I’d get inside, but I’d definitely like the coffee cup and the lotions ☺️

Santina Bestudio says:

who scrolling this word down you are pretty and handsome!?!

Carol Burrows says:

I recently sent two of my friends a box. I sent: my favorite lip gloss, EOS lip balm, hand made notebook, pretty journal (on sale at Michael’s) shared some beauty samples, a pair of great socks, pretty nail files. I packaged each item including tiny charms tied to the ribbons, hand stamped papers, glassene bags and little kraft boxes. I added some handpainted clothes pins with inspirational quotes I made one day and I slipped pretty pictures of flowers or vintage labels under the ribbons too. Of course a handmade card with a long note was tucked into each happy box . It was so fun to hear how excited they were to receive the boxes! <3

meatball 101 says:

spa day gift box

Kelly Berou says:


IMagicMack 679 says:

Canyon send me one I have been having a hard time

Dyros says:

This is such a lovely idea. I have done a few, but not thought of the colour pallette before, I will in future. I’ve also made one for a group of people at an office to whom I wanted to say thank you. Lots more sweets and nibbles in that one!

Mommy Garcia says:

That gift is sooo cool !!!! Love it !!!!

SimpleBranchx says:

I would die if one of my friend gives me something like that!

Calese West says:

I love pink

Hello moo too says:

please make more of these

Aastha Sharma says:

oh my gosh that’s awesome

Adèle Giard says:

I put together something similar for my friend’s birthday :
I bought a cute pencil case and put in hand gel, a lip balm, a choker necklace, and some candy… I also added a pair of fuzzy socks and a little hand-written card.
I’m glad I came back to this video for inspiration !

Bella C says:

this is so awesome my friends birthday is coming up and I’m definitely doing this

Adelina Ramírez says:

non of it is handmade or diy it’s all bought gifts

specialkcatch says:

i like pink to

Snuggles777 says:

I enjoyed your video. You really have inspired me to put together a box for my friends. Thanks for sharing.

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