DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friend!! | Easy, Cheap, and Last Minute!!

Hey guys! In today’s video I’m gonna be showing you some DIY last minute birthday gifts that you can make for your best friends for super cheap!! I really hope you guys enjoy this and hopefully it helps!! Please make sure to subscribe and leave a thumbs up!! Love you guys💕

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Why are you “minilucie13” if your name is Sophia? Because when I first started my channel, I didn’t want people to know my real name, so I used my middle name…Lucie😊


Welcome to my channel!! My name is Sophia, and I love making bubbly and upbeat videos about lifestlye, comedy, and DIY! Making videos is a true passion for me, and I upload every single week! I love getting to know more of my viewers and I love every one of you💕. SUBSCRIBE to be a part of the awesome #SOPHAMILY — we have a lot of fun!!!💕

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Ellie Bean says:

This video is so well-edited!

Fathima-Al-Zahra Cassim says:

hey my birthday is on Friday!!!!!!

my life as tasneem says:

my bffs biryhday was littarly the day before u posted the vid 14 apirl

ProGirl32 says:

happy 17

Joy Alale says:

Happy late birthday

vidhi patel says:

The capcakes bath omen look so good to eat

sisters4life says:

Wow! You’ve gained 300 subscribers since this video was made! Congrats!

The Dancer Madison says:

Who wants to be my inernet bff? I’ve always wanted one! Reply if you want to and your 12 or 13 and also want an ibf.

Kristine 12 says:

Dec,27 is my birthday! 🙂 Hope you’ll notice me 🙂

Mikayla Kendall says:

MiniLuice13 same with my cousin

Yoko Gta says:

My Birthday Is On The 8th Of October I was Born On 2006 Im 11 in 2017 love you sophia

Annaxoxo says:

ok AMAZING video as usual!!

Millie Moo says:

love you videos! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!!! btw we should collaborate!!!

Lupe Revuelta says:

You’re putting egg whites with sugar in a bath bomb inside your bath ?

Madelienne Anderson says:

mine is may 2nd

Madison says:

why is your YouTube account minilucie13 if your name is sofia

natalia Flores says:

Happy birthday Sophia I wish you have a awesome day love you

Pixelette says:

wait what? use the blender to mix your egg whites lmao did anyone else notice that?

Olivia Waston says:

Happy birth day. love u

Rebecca Mather says:

this was a great video but … I don’t want egg in my bath from the bath bomb 🙂

Sienna 123 says:

im livestreaming on insta

sisters4life says:

A tip for piping is to put a bit of frosting in the middle of the cupcake before you make the “mountain”. Love your channel!

Rebecca Sweetman says:

Happy bday sophia you really deserve 1k subscribers for your birthday

my life as tasneem says:

comment ur birthday below and see if u have any twins mine 13 august

Communikitty says:

Hi Sophia!! I’m obsessed with your great quality videos and perfect editing! You are seriously goals! I love watching your videos and this one was super amazing! Your videos are relatable,cool and inspiring! Love you! Keep up the great work! AMAZING EDITING BTW

Cameren George says:

My birthday is also April 15th! @MiniLucie13

Sydney Pulaski says:

I’m totally going to try that slime recipe!!

Francey Frances says:

HAPPY B-DAY ITS MY FRIENDS B-DAY TOO and can you make slime without borax next time

yayshelbz says:

loved this :))

MMB says:

Happy Bday!!! Could you do a bday haul? Like if agree!

Natasha Cockrell says:

Hey! I absolutely loved this video it was one of my favourites from you please do more of these !!! Love you x

crafting cat! 6 says:

for some reason I think going to five below is way easier than making gifts anyways great vid!

Chit Chat Tume says:

SHE HAS #thumbnailgoals!!!

Abileydi Mondragon says:

happy birthday @minilucie13

Y YA says:

What’s the song at 0:05?? Btw, great video as always and I will surely do these DIYs!

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