DIY Birthday Gifts for Everyone! Easy + Cheap!

Who’s ready for another DIY Birthday Gifts Video!? This one of course is DIY Birthday Gifts for Everyone but not only are they super easy and affordable – they are also all EDIBLE! Because Food Gifts are the best gifts and when you make it yourself it’s super special! Feel free to checkout the full recipes down below of all the items! Let me know in the comments if I should do another DIY Edible Birthday Gifts video in the future 🙂

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ChrissyKat says:

October 29th 🙂

crizelle kyle de luna says:

My b-day was on March 25

Ana Nwankwo says:

My birthday is in 3 days

Sincere Vigil says:

my sisters birthday is today

Grace Leslie says:

I NEEDED THIS!!! My bff’s b day was thursday and i couldn’t tell her happy birthday bc she lives on the other side of the city, and my phone had been stolen

Kayla McMayer says:

My birthday is on February 10th

Bethanya Seifu says:

My birthday is December 24

Tammy's Make-up Treats says:

Mine is January 29th ☺

Taylor Clendenan says:

My birthday is February 4

Amelie Scicluna says:

november babies where you at??

Tammy's Make-up Treats says:

Hey Mikayla ☺

Bonnie says:

My birthday’s the 27th of August (next sunday! :))

Lauren Bloch says:

I turn 18 January 14th

Amwag Channel says:

It look so delicious

Kyre Ape Davi says:

I just clicked off of boys to play this video and then the song plays again. And also I love your shirt/or dress?? and makeup.

Kelly Ziemann says:

Jan 12

Jessica Hignett says:

Everything looks so good! It’s my best friends birthday next week and I was trying to think of something, can’t wait to give her these! Also, my birthday is 15th of October.

Sam Kimball says:

february 18th!

Sabrina Ramllih says:

My birthday was 10 days ago. 10th August hehe

Just sparkle says:

Today was my 13 birthday!!

Patricia Cruz says:

my birthday is on April 23!! ❣️

Lisa Racaj says:

love this video

Jenna Sund says:

You should do a DIY bath bomb video

Rosa Paris says:

My birthday is on the 12th of October so… Coming up pretty soon!

Disneydog20 says:

My birthday is in December. It is December 20th.

Angela Casiano says:

My birthday is coming up Aug 22

Kayti Russell4 says:

My birthday is in about a week

J H says:

My birthday is January 24th. My daughter’s due date was October 24th, but she arrived the 15th. Im here because her 3rd birthday is coming up and I wanted some ideas for things to serve. So thank you ☺

Jasmine Anthony says:

my birthday is May 24th

Annika Stevens says:

My birthday is at the end of the month

Gunjan Chavan says:

8 people don’t know how to like

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