There’s nothing more thoughtful than a handmade gift, right?! Here are 5 that people will actually want and use! No one has to know you made them the week before Christmas… 🎅 Subscribe to WUM for fun, helpful videos at 9 AM ET!

1. Jewelry Dish:
– Clay saucer:
– Small animal toy
– Acrylic paint:
– Spray paint
– Strong glue:

2. Makeup Cleaner
– Witch Hazel:
– Unscented Castile Soap

3. Sleeping Mask
– Felt:
– Elastic:
– Good pair of scissors:
– Hot Glue:

4. Aromatherapy Shower Bombs
– Baking Soda
– Water
– Lavender Essential Oil:
– Peppermint Essential Oil:
– Silicon Mold:
– Baking pan
– Food or Soap Coloring

5. 2-in-1 Balm
– Beeswax:
– Coconut Oil:
– Essential Oils
– Small sealable container:

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Mainou Vang says:

I thought it was under 10 dollars and the bees was was 10 dollars

Hi Sisters says:

Where’s the intro?

jenn6070 jenn6070 says:


Armando Gonzalez says:

I love your videos! They are so helpful! Thank you so much for all the great ideas! Hope 2019 is full of amazing growth and prosperities!

Terri Curran says:

Please only put things on here that you have tested and can verify that are right! Although I think they are cute and fairly easy – your ‘recipe’ for lotion is awful… with 50% beeswax in your recipe it turns out into a solid that is more for use in a lip balm – maybe 1/4 tsp would be better for the amount of coconut oil you’re using – and then no one else will make a horrible glob of junk… I’m really surprised you would put this on with the results that would result that is inevitable after using your recipe… Please change it!

Rosie Apple says:

My favourite park of the video was when she said present they will actually like its like she usually doesn’t get people good gifts

Krae Preston says:

Gold spray paint hmm….

Patricia's Gatcha Verse says:

Advance Merry Christmas!

CrimsonKitty says:

0:49 look at the stance of the elephant then look here 1:19

Chetna Woods says:

Gold spray paint,…… Who does that remind you of

It's a Ashlyn says:

No hate but I was just wondering you said they were under $10 but the beeswax costs $10 so + everything else it would be over $10 but whatever. By the way amazing video it helped a lot.

Mia Whigham says:


Liesel Berry says:

you guys should do a video about diy recipe binders

Maria Ritman says:


CanWeGet5000SubsWithNoVids says:

Love this

skye elliott says:

Who else is under 16, but still watches this?

CookieKittenPlays33 _ says:

I kind of like how everything isn’t perfect, showing that crafts aren’t perfect

mia zhvania says:

this video remind me

Justine Nguyen says:

Me I am 8 year’s old

prince and bun-buns says:

OMG its 24th of Dec 2018

Xcaoimhex2ck Byrne says:

Hi just wanna say I love ya

Uma Seelam says:

Nice shirt laura.. u can wear skirt under it …

Customer Services says:

happy new year

Emily Thompson says:

If you plan on making a lot of the shower bomb I would recommend getting soap colorant, you can get the little bottles from amazon for cheap. I would use the soap colorant because you won’t run the risk of staining your shower floor or even you!

// ブ ロ ッ ク さ れ た ユ ー ザ ー // says:

I love it! but tell me one thing, how frick is this under 10 dollar ? Smh

Olivia Lorenz says:


milica nedeljkovic says:


Catherine Listanco says:

Whats up moms pls do a how to organize room (shared room)(two people in one room) for 10 and 14 years old person

zafar vlogs says:

Happy Christmas and New year 2018

Addybella 101 says:

#bringbackbrooke or #bbb

Horsie 662 says:

Am I the only 12 year old who loves what’s up moms

crazyfordapickles crazyfordapickles says:

Hi I haven’t watched wum in a loooooong time can someone explain to me what’s happening

Spooky and Cream cheese the cats Catytude says:

Can you read dis?????


Kayla Lopez says:

I do not have any of these supplies in my home. I would have to go out and buy them and unfortunately that means none of these will be under $10 for me…

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