9 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – HGTV Handmade

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and these 9 DIY gift ideas will make any mom happy!
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Omega Quidayan says:

Jamine tea? Seriously?!
My name is Jasmine…even though my profile says Omega Quidayan

Danna Rodriguez says:

Thank you I was worried I didn’t have anything for my mom.

My Name says:


Ghaitsa Nada says:

HGTV handmade
you post that video on my birthday

the amazing sharalee says:


TheNididi says:

I like all these ideas. Now I have some inspiration of what to give my mom 🙂

mich crystal says:


Jessica Lacey says:

I ♥ my mom

AllyPickles 3 says:


Maggie Driscoll says:

What Can u use in place of the coconut oil ?

Shadow_ Of_The_World says:

Treat ya mama this mama’s day

Dominika Chalupkova says:

Good ideas thank you

hey_its_ Me says:

Hgtv homemade for the clutch!

Ana’s Adventures! says:

Is the coffee wake me up thing for eating or for just smells

diamond princess says:

I dont like it….

I love it!!!! New subsriber here!!!
Deserve this…

Jocelyn Adams says:

I guarantee that she will give all of these to her mother

Lily Thompson says:

So cute!!! How do they come up with these AMAZING ideas?!?!

Susan Buckley says:

Loved them all 🙂
My favorite was the puzzle .. thanks so much for sharing such a great video

Matt Kenvil Gozo says:

Thank you for the video
I love your videos as always
I need this to surprise my mother and my aunties also my other friends

Sqmmx says:

I getting my mom stuff at victoria secret and making one of these!

Perry Walton says:

Very clever. The puzzle and painted flower pot are my favorites.

Jazzmin Shill says:

I really needed this!

TheObliviousGeek says:

These are so cool!

Nancy Pyter says:

Really nice ideas! Great job!

Maria Tinampay says:

l wish l could do dat

JMxDelta says:

thank you!

Pandicorn_ Edits says:

Oooo noe I have some amazing ideas tysm

Jessica Brun says:

I love this vid you’ve got a new subscriber!!

SapphireWolf105 says:

I loved all of thease ideas soooooo creative

mica solivar says:

Am i supposed to pick just one aww i want them all because im just a kid i dont have any of these to make

6 hours later omg i just got hearted❤

sallynse says:

They were all awesome

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