5 Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2018!

5 Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2018! Last minute mother’s day gifts 2018! easy and simple mother’s day gifts 2018!
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Jazzy OMG says:

The crayon art was very pretty

Emily Liu says:

Thx! My mom loved the cupcake one! I might of ate one or two or five of them though…

Adriana Mulgado A.M says:

Yap its the day of mothers day… Is that bad?

Fae Drake says:

I really wish I could you use the first one, but my mom HATES fake flowers…

Irene Lladó González says:

Hi! Thanks for your videos! I would love if you check mines…

Monica Arrington says:

I totally needed this last min gift idea

Zachary Gilliard says:

You remind me of alisha marie

Joy Queen says:

Are you trying to be Alisha Marie or something

Solar Sisters says:

Love this video

Alyssa Ruby says:

Thanks for watching!! Reply to this comment and let me know what videos you want to see! 🙂

Rahul Patel says:

I need it

sisters forever says:

I did all of these

Varshini Kannan says:

thank u so much! and alyssa pls visit my channel and see the videos i hav done ..bye

Potat o says:

Thank you for this video.

Leila Sensontic says:

I really need to make something for my mom cause like Mother’s Day is today and if I didn’t get her anything I would feel bad

Takashi Katsunoi says:

Thank you for the Mother’s Day diy! I had no idea what to make for my mom. I saw your video and that gave me a lot of ideas! Thank you so much!

Ashleen Jassar says:

OMG so simple yet creative

Let'ssss says:

Very Nice!

ASavagePotatoCat says:

Wait, its pronounced cray- ON ?
I pronounce it cran.

D Bro says:

Guessed who subscribe


Monica Arrington says:

I totally needed this last min gift idea

Just Follow Me Dont Ask Questions says:

5:08 I made it for my Mom and it was AWESOME! Thank you for creating this awesome vid!

Diy Master says:

Today is mother’s Day you really helped

Daniela Sanchez says:


Zak&Dad says:

Thx best crafts ever!

Slimey Stuff says:

Anyone else watching on Mother’s Day that forgot to make a gift now watching this

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