5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts and Room Decor Ideas 2017

In this Valentine’s video I show how to make Heart Earmuffs, Angel Phone Case, Heart Tattoo Hairbrush, Wall Art Jewelry Organizer and Valentine’s Candle Jars.

Hope my DIY projects will help you make Saint Valentine’s Day creative 🙂

Before starting the description, let me tell you – I LOVE YOU, my dear subscribers! X

Ok, now let’s move to the tips for every “DIY” 🙂

First I show how to make a Heart Shaped Earmuffs (no-sew). You know I like pompoms 😉 , so I’ve decided to create something fluffy 🙂
Just a tip – you can use any kind of yarn but as thicker it is than fluffier earmuffs will be.
Color – sure, use any color – make hearts solid or even rainbow!
The size of the hearts depends on the size of your ears 🙂 And the same with a headband.

Next – DIY Heart Tattoo Hair Brush. I know you may say, that not everyone can draw a tattoo, but trust me – it is easier than you think. Just imagine the center (or even draw it) and after drawing at one side – repeat at another. Like reflection. Trust me – your brain and hand will make the rest. 🙂

Third DIY – Candle Jars with hearts 🙂 Highly recommend to use translucent nail polish (without pastel effect), so then you’ll see a colorful projection of hearts on your walls.

Fourth project is seriously cool 🙂 DIY Jewelry Organizer and Wall Art. And I would even say a giant Valentine’s Card too! lol I called it Lolli-Pop-Art :), because I show how to draw a heart shaped lollipop, but you can draw anything you like. Use bigger canvases, or smaller ones. Btw, I made a small one organizer like that for keys 😉

And the last DIY project is absolutely magic Angel Wings Phone Case. I’m really happy I’ve found the way to decorate felt with nail polish! It looks fantastic! Pretty sure you will agree 😉 So angelic! Awwww.

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Love. Create. Discover.
Happy Saint Valentine’s Day! X


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