5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You’ll ACTUALLY Want! 2017

Here’s 5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts You’ll ACTUALLY Want to Make for Yourself! ♥Let’s get this vid to 30,000 likes?!

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Okay okay okay, I know it’s still January! but it’s never too early to start thinking about what DIY Valentine’s Day gifts you’re going to make for your boyfriend, your mom, your teacher, and your best friend! I think these DIY gifts are super dupa cute! PLUS they’re cheap, easy to make, and totally last minute!

Tag me if you make any of these! ❤️

Watch Last Year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

2016: https://youtu.be/wD_iNgzGxF8

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happpitrip says:


Fire Of His Love says:

The greatest gift of love you can share with someone is the Living Truth Jesus Christ. He was the Word of God made flesh who sacrificed his sinless life so that man may have eternal life. The Lord desires that all come to repentance and know Him as their Lord and savior.

Rebecca Mapola says:

this was published on my birthday

Kate Cline says:

I dont like valentines day. I have read heroes of Olympus and if you make nico sad you will pay. even if you are a god. *yells at eros*

BubblezDEkitten Lps says:

I think if I try making these I would keep them to myself especially the candy stash

Vad M. says:

Spent the day saving up money instead of using the atm machines for entitled nagging women. Tis a normal day where you see desperate men trying to please their spouses with gifts, then you just laugh at them for their simp behaviour. lol.

Huey Freeman says:

Hey Everyone I Bought A Valentines Day Bear to give to my significant other but I don’t know if I should leave the price tag on or take it off? How do you guys go about it?

Evelyn Baldwin says:

I love the pellow so much!!!

Cermet says:

i love my valentine 0-0

is that okay? 😮

Feeling Your Story says:

The reason why DIY gifts are the best is because it shows creativity, time and efforts. It is original and you know the person put his/her heart in it 🙂 instead of buying a gift from the industry.

Thank you @MissTiffanyMa for helping those who lack of creativity or do not have much money to spend on a Valentine’s gift. Your pink chocolate box was my favourite, though I really loved the candies box because I love eating sweets 😀

Mackenzie Mathias says:

Whos watching This on Feb 13 ?

UNDERTALE Marc-aroni kid says:

I got a device
I Need my phone
No one texts me


When i heard melanie martinez i was so crazy

Time Bunny says:

I really like the first idea of the sweets in the plastic case and the chocolate in the jar. I’m tempted to make a birthday one for my girlfriend.

shaira alam says:

so is a boy ment to watch this video?

December _heart says:

Where the azn girl squad at

Farah Ghazi says:

tiffany you are the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen in my life!!

happpitrip says:


Buzzing Rocks says:

Wonderful video, Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

DGkiller says:

is this dog Ken

Alyssa Caro says:

hey man

Brooke xoxo says:

Jolly ranchers

Adventures with Alyssa says:

Omg I made the piñata and it looks amazing

omg ashieee says:

Omg, if I were you Id just forget about the video and go for the candy

cg102 says:

Who had sex today?

CraftyMiner101 says:

when you said the puns, I think you were trying to PUNish me B/

*pisica cea mitica* says:

*Sunt singura din Romania care sărbătorește Valentine’s day ?*

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