5 DIY Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend!

I hope you guys enjoy this video! Like I said in the video these ideas can be changed a bit to be appropriate for a friend! Leave a comment saying what your favorite idea was! If you create any of these ideas I would love to see them! So tag me on instagram or twitter!! and use the #keepcalmandblushon 🙂 Love you all! Hope your have a great Valentines Day! xoxo -Leah


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Cloudy Drawz says:

Im totally doing the lottery ticket for my boyfriend! He’ll love it! Thanks!

Pretty Weird says:

I think I’ll just take a jar and fill it with kisses (the chocolate) and decorate the jar. At the top of the cap, it will say “a jar of kisses” n all dat

Alejandrina Carino says:

I dos it for my boyfriend

mahaveer bamniya says:


crazymaisy22 says:

The scratch one

Lu Yeuan says:

https://youtu.be/4-lQSAgRqhs Hey there so here is the simple gift that you can make for your loved ones too…popsicles photo puzzle <3

Herminia Cabajon says:

can someone tell me what is the title of the song?

Trinity Wyatt says:

I am in 3grade. ya i know. but,I was thinking who needs to watch a vid when the best gift ideas for ANYONE are truly home maid the best gifts are shown with your live to them don’t buy some junk online or at walmart or kroger MAKE something with the love that goes to your B-friend! <3 🙂

Javiera González says:

5:53 your’e?

Treasure Willians says:

What is the brand of the paint.?

Doom The Doggo says:

Gotta give my boyfriend one of these because we have been fighting

Gemmalyn Ian Larang says:

I love the lottery one

Бибигуль Караева says:

Good idea

Dashing love says:

i went from panic at the disco then to mcr then fallout boy then this XD

Cass says:

Those are macarons. Not macaroons
Very confused

Saquib-Ul Haque says:

As a guy, I can confirm that this will only work if your boyfriend is homosexual.

Jenae Lee says:

Lottery ticket was adorable

Girls Can Be Perverts Too!! says:


まらはなTsunade says:

Max will love these ideas ❤️

DigitalMindTheatre says:

Most people: “I don’t have a boyfriend.”
Everyone else: “Definitely going to do this for my boyfriend.”
Me: “My girlfriend’s birthday is in a month and I’m not sure what to get her.”

Na Cakev says:

Thanks for sharing.. i love u

Dj 7RUU5 says:

My boyfriend is for others:

But for me he is:
Chubby (which I like cuz skinny boys feel like stones when u hug them)

Dalia L.N says:

The Last one I did I don’t have a bf I am 12 I did this to my chush …


He did one and then It was said do you want to be my Valentine and then he said yes I be your Valentine !

ABitOf Rain says:

why the fuck i’m here? neighter my boyfriend nor me is this romantic….

Paige Fanning says:

Did anyone notice she put your’e not you’re??

Katie Magliaro says:

What type of paper did u use?

Francess Sullano says:

Why am i watching this? Im too single for this side of youtube

علا العبيدي says:



We have the same name lol

Vanessa Adame says:

The mixed tape!

Deniz Bade Akkoyun says:

I am so bad at DIY but this was great

Zero ._. says:

My bfs birthday is on Valentine’s day

Kihyun's Wife says:

When I finally have a bf for the first time in my life so I can finally do these cute gifts for someone.

Anti Ringlo says:

i do not think that pink and glitter are for boys, but okay

haley althea says:


Xx Yazat xX says:

Couldn’t I do it for my gf?

holland art says:

I don’t have a boyfriend but im helping a friend

arti giri says:


Emily Calabretta says:

I love this because

1: ed Sheeran songs!
2: you actually explain how to do it. In a lot of tutorials, it goes so fast and you can’t catch up.

Awesome video thank you!

Alejandrina Carino says:

I mean did not dos

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