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This week, Lucie Fink takes on 5 Days of DIY — joining the Do It Yourself movement that’s all about getting scrappy, expressing your creativity and saving a little bit of money along the way. From an indoor herb garden to zero-waste toothpaste and a DIY choker, Lucie tries projects that span various aspects of her lifestyle. What are your favorite DIY projects? See links below for Lucie’s daily projects:

MONDAY: http://www.passthepistil.com/diy-mason-jar-herb-garden/
TUESDAY: http://bashstudio.com/modern-diy-placemats-in-less-than-10-minutes/
WEDNESDAY: http://www.nouswear.com/shop/qmgrk9jex39se1zds2xr1g6p2ofjjv
THURSDAY: http://www.trashisfortossers.com/2013/10/zero-waste-toothpaste.html
FRIDAY: http://www.lucismorsels.com/2013/11/diy-holiday-gift-infused-olive-oil.html/

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Kailee Kalus says:

0:06 *SHE ATE THE D!*

FlyingWonderGirl says:

I get paranoid of using perishable food items in diys: I don’t want anyone to become ill

Caitlin Hulsman says:

Five days of figure skating!! ❤

Sophie Palmer says:

Where is 2018 Lucy

Ayisha Binth Abdul Rezak Parayil says:

5 days af keto

Bianca Rodriguez says:

5 days of not leaving the house

UniHumour says:

nice vids, but… YIKES! soda is very abrasive, that toothpaste is a BAD idea!

Army & Gym says:


Lindy Collins says:

Love the sweater/shirt that you wore on Tuesday

Julia Morgan says:

5 days of different religions please

Star xx says:

5 days of learning czech

Gabby Gamer says:

you should check out Pinterest they have a bunch of craft ideas

Izzy's Beauty Corner! says:

You could do 5 days of eating toast or 5 days of only drinking fizzy drinks

Julies Vlogs says:

5 days of extra work

Karlee payton says:

You should do 5 days without any hygiene products like deodorant and perfume

Valeria Sanchez says:

I usually like your videos lucie, but this ones really dumb

Sarah Baggett says:

Wow. You know you’re a health nut when you literally have all the ingredients for the deodorant and toothpaste in your pantry. 😉

XxVRUSHAB15xX says:

DIYs ?

Eirron Padera says:

5 day of being a pintrest person

Alina June says:

I love these vids ..

Cricket & Clover says:

Your friend Angela kinda looks like Linsey Way in her picture

Eva Dinca says:

Try 5 day of no gluten or milk

Kate Cheshier says:

five days of no matching clothes


5day of gardening

Sarah Khan says:

You are so smart to think of the drainage system in jars.

Alise 101 says:

5 days of DIY clothes

Kirsten Lunsford says:

Wait….. they weren’t all gifts. ???????

Sally Long says:

Five days of
-Not eating snacks like (Oreos etc.)
-Sleeping in late
-essential oils (like the stressed one or sleepy one.)
Btw, ilysm Lucie your awesome and amazing and I want to be a creator like you.

Poppy Orman says:

5 days of multi coloured hair

Arianna Ycaza says:

five days…
without a mirror
random acts of kindness

Erin Callaway says:

5d days of tacos

Sarah Riley says:

5 days of high school dress code!!!!!!!

Zuzanna L says:

5 days of working from home!

Isabella 98 says:

You should have done twelve days.
On the first day of diy lucie gave to me a plaaaant

flutt3rby3 _ says:

Be aware herbs grow really big and quickley.

Addie Crotta says:

5 days without Internet

Kathleen Thompson says:

How do you apply that deodorant?

Hailey Neu says:

How does Lauren refill her essential oil bottles? Or did Lucie bring those bottles over? 🙂

Emily Phippard says:

Garlic+olive oil exposed to air is a great way to breed botulism. The FDA recommends keeping the oil refrigerated and using it within a week. You can’t taste or smell botulism and it can be very dangerous.

Claire Olthoff says:

Please don’t make your own toothpaste.
One of the essentials ingredients in store bought tooth paste is Fluoride –> this is essential to keep your teeth cavity free!! Since the inclusion of fluoride, the amount of decay in people’s teeth have dropped significantly!

Lily Ann says:

What does she do for toilet paper?

Cindy M says:

5 days of dumpster diving

The pug addict says:

5 days sleeping without a pillow

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