4 EASY DIY GIFT IDEAS Anyone Can Make!

HELLO! Thought I’d try out a crafty kinda video. The DIY gift ideas I show you in this video are great for almost anyone! You can send them to a long-distance lover overseas or for a close friend or family member.

Let me know if you end up making any of these!

Did you enjoy this video? Is it something that you’d ilke me to make more of in the future? Let me know in the comments!

Leonie xo.


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cahyono wibowo says:

The mini camera is such a great idea! Especially because my best friend lovess photography!!

Lexxu Kurrr says:

so creative and resourceful i love it 🙂

Damy Stanila says:

you’re a genius. such good ideas ☺ thank you

Hawkeye Johnson says:

I hope you have a lovely day too. Gonna make that happiness in a jar thanks.

tsum tsum says:

You kinda look like the youtuber named sookawaii

Brooklyn blue heart says:

# ya

mariam hussain says:

I did the jar of happiness it turned out soo cute thanks

Sum Shits says:


Home Sweet Crafting says:

Love the mini camera gift idea!

bhavika malik says:

i like the last two a lot

Kayleigh Harte says:

Thanks for the tips! Know I have a great present for my bff who’s dog died

Angelina Karina says:

This for a birthday ._. lol

Fatima Ali says:

love the glasses

Truly Hull says:

so true about making it your self

Le-jin-dary jin jokes says:

“Christmas is just around the corner”
Me: “wait what it’s June… Oh well”
(brings out the Christmas spirit and starts singing Christmas songs)

Naira says:

Thanks for this video

Noora Fatima says:

Wow good

Caalel says:

100% making two happiness in a jars, admittedly one for myself haha…

Neo Jing ru says:

I made a camera I use a stapler box,though

XxUnicornGamer RobloxX says:

Omg i need to do the first on to my bff

Angelina Karina says:

imm sooo subbing

Brooke Kiwi says:

u sound a bit like wengie! 🙂

TheAngryRAGE says:

I love your videos! Its one of those small moments that makes your day brighter everytime I see you’ve uploaded a video

Rebekah S says:

I love the style of this video! It’s so soft and pretty:~)

Alisha Nembang says:

thanks, for the great Idea I love it

Adam Replies says:

Really cool ideas! I loved the mini camera one 😮

Hanny Sangsty says:

Are you from Australia?-

Rosa Rivera says:

i have a idea for you please hear me out ok so do this get a bag and put happy things on it then put candy on it and one more make a cat out what you have then put a tag on it that says i am so happy cuz i know you or what u want on it please do my idea plz AND I DID SUBSCRIBED TO U IND I LIKED YOUR VIDEO NOW PLZ DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Ian Perry says:

that is terrible I cant do any of these

sandeep shinde says:

You are soooooooooo cute

class7c 9 says:

it was amazing
i will try them at home and try to gift them.

Jennifer Ruvalcaba Soto says:

these really are very easy and there unique!

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