20 DIY Gift Ideas Under $20! | Aspyn Ovard

20 DIY gift ideas under $20! First video in my #APPYHOLIDAYS series this year! Comment what else you would like to see!

Behind the scenes vlog! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PIygqdYXs8

Blue Shirt (worn in intro) – http://bit.ly/2zQL55m
DIY Cotton Candy Scrub – http://bit.ly/2ix5ZfG
DIY Spa Kit – http://bit.ly/2mFRtHb

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Emma Kaiser says:

Your videos are so good and I know how much work you put into them. Btw you’re so cute in all of your videos<3

Aleena Joseph says:

Is it the cotton candy lip scrub that you messed up?

sammy Hargy says:

THIS VIDEO WAS SO GOOD! i can tell you put a lot of effort into it, LOVE ITT

Heidi Mejia says:

I love your video! Nice job on doing Christmas easy gifts.

Samantha Taylor says:

I loved this!!!

CasualChiara says:

Such creative and unique ideas❤ Loved this videoo

Faith Louise says:

these are cute ideas!

Ginelle Hughes says:

I get soo anxious watching you do hot glue on your white fuzzy rug LOL

Ally Shenk says:

You are the best YouTuber ever! Luv u!

Zoë Thompson says:

Aspyn seriously puts so much work into her videos!

Katherine Wucherpfennig says:

Your morning routine

XOXOLove192 says:


melissa salas. says:

i heard khalid 😉

Aleena Joseph says:

Did you mess up the cocoa one up?

Will Kemp Pokémon says:

I love your videos, u have a new subscriber 😉

Aspyn Ovard says:

New videoooooo! 20 diy gifts under $20! Which one is your favorite? Also who is from the #vlogfam and saw the behind the scenes of this video before I uploaded it? I mentioned in the vlog that I messed up on one of these DIY’s and had to remake it, try to guess which one it was in the comments! I have only seen one person get it right so far!

Maia Norman says:

This was so Cute!

Jance MacDonald says:

So good

Ellis Coffelt says:

skincare routine please!!

Maya Gardner says:


huntermerck says:

so much work for a 5 minute video so much respect honestly

Natalie Guida says:

I’m watching this for the second time now!! I am definitely going to try some of these DIY’s out! Thanks Aspyn!

Georgie Wilson says:

I LOVE THIS VIDEO THIS WAS SO UNIQUE AND CUTE!!! please do more like this xx

marlene madrigal says:

Awesome video!  You had a lot of great ideas that I haven’t seen!  Keep up the good work!

Maddie Luca says:

This turned out so well <3 I had to watch it since i know how much effort you put in hhaa xxx what a great video

patricia louise says:

Love them! ❤

Alycia Morgan says:

Nooo I never wanted it to end!!! Love love love

Avery Hurley says:

The cotton candy scrub?

Wonlove98rf says:

Does anyone know the name of this song ?

# Lucie Panda # says:

Great vid ty aspyn!!!

tewsimple says:

This was so cute!! and creative! I would feel so accomplished giving these to my friends

Alyssa Vega says:

From ur vlog u said witch ones u had to remake it is 14 & 15

Kylee Russum says:

I love this so much!!! These are so cute. Your hard work paid off

Joy Smith says:

Hey aspyn this video was really really helpful, thankyou so much! For your next video will you please do a half health tips and half health q&a

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