DIY present hacks for everyone

With Christmas just around the corner, we are all looking for the best and most thoughtful gift to give to our loved ones. Regardless of the occasion giving presents to the ones you love is a very emotionally rewarding experience and not everyone can afford to go out of their way to buy someone a present. So, this video is ideas especially when you are thinking of present ideas to give to your favorite people.

1. DIY cute plant pots.
Not only these are environmentally friendly, but they are also an affordable way to give someone who loves plants a thoughtful gift. Take an eggshell that has been broken in half, then using a needle pierce the bottom. After that, add some soil inside and any seeds that you desire, preferably botanical seeds. Spray with water and wait for them to blossom. You can create different herbal little egg pots and give them to someone.

2. Family cube
If someone close to you just started having their own little family. Here is an idea. give them a family cube present. You take 8 wooden cubes and you connect them all to each other using masking tape, as you can see from our little demonstration. Use two types of pictures, square ones, and rectangular ones. Crop the images to fit every little cube as a puzzle and there you have it :). A personalized family present.

3. How to decorate anything using double-sided tape and reactive foil:
If you are looking for ways to make someone’s gift appear more festive and pleasing to look at, try this little craft technique. Take a double-sided tape and place it on your bullet journal, planner, diary or wrapping paper. Then peel the top sticker of the tape off and place your reactive foil on top. Then remove it and you will see that the foil got stuck on the double-sided tape. You can create different diamond shapes, fancy triangles and you can make it look as expensive as a Moleskine journal.

4. How to make your own cinnamon candle decorations for the holidays:
This one is quite simple, yet very interesting and one you’ll love. Take a regular round candle and add some brown craft thread around it, then take cinnamon sticks and add the inside of the thread all around the candle until you finally cover it. Lastly, add circle the thread around the candle again to secure the cinnamon sticks. And you’ve turned a simple candle into a cozy gift.

5. How to make your own soap:
This would make a perfect personalized present to any girl out there. The only thing you have to do is know which scents she likes the most.
– Peppermint – Lavender candle:
Get some soap base and cut it squares. Then, put it in a glass bowl and microwave until it melts. Then, separate it equally. In one bowl add some peppermint essential oil and green food coloring, and in another bowl add some purple food coloring and lavender essential oil. First pout the lavender oil in a soap mold, or any silicone mold. Let it sit there for a few minutes and finally add the lavender soap you just created on top. There you have a customized bathing soap to give to your loved one.


0:11 – DIY plant pots using eggshells
1:58 – DIY flipping photo cube
3:09 – Re-purpose old CD’s and turn them into picture frames
3:52 – Awesome transitional card for birthdays or marriage proposals
6:04 – Turn a plain diary into an expensive planner
6:44 – Make awesome jewelry using resin and real plants
8:00 – Awesome ways to make your own jewelry
8:04 – How to make your own crystals
8:44 – DIY Purple Pearl Bracelet
9:07 – DIY Jewerly Organiser
11:15 – How to make soap

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meera manish says:


raman kaur says:

awesome 🙂

Cdefgab Gabcdef says:

Cool Gift Options

Gamer Light says:

For the gift at 3:09, can you use regular glue or does it have to be hot glue?

Jessica Gressier says:

Toutes vos vidéos se ressemble . Heureusement je ne suis pas abonné

Cali Ryder says:

Thought the super hero frame was cute, but I’m a little triggered they destroyed a comic book. >.<

Людмила Гавренко says:

Всем привет!
Кто нибудь знает, что за порошок и жидкости смешивают и получают фиолетовые кристалы?


Was i the only one who noticed the bright side logo at 11:13?

Let's React! says:


Your welcome

SAPT says:

0:06 Egg Shell
0:35 Candle
1:39 Mona Lisa thing that freaks me out
2:00 Block Pictures
3:12 CD case
3:53 Awesome paper thing
6:03 Boring Diary
6:43 Plant Bracelet
7:34 Necklace
8:02 Crystals
8:44 Bead Bracelet Thing
9:07 Jewelry Rack
9:42 The thing where you boil Popsicle sticks
10:11 Towel Earring Box
10:44 Cinnamon candles
11:15 Soap
12:07 Superhero picture frame

Plz like this took me soooo long to do!!

Sean Ajamy says:

Im a boy but I need Christmas ideas QUICK can anyone help me out?

Jerrica Cokes says:

It’s the same crafts different titles

Riddhima Vishwesh says:

10:43 it’s bright side like if you saw it

Santhosh Hosmar says:


Lucille Sparkle says:

I have and it was magenta crystals!

Bubble Teaდ says:

First off, no one would want an eggshell as a present. It will crack to pieces soon as they get it.
Second, with the CD case and hot glue will easily come off. There are other alternates to make that design.
Thirdly, no body has access to resin. It is quite expensive and not even a 5-minute craft. You need to wait at least a week for it to cure.
Forth, 8:04 you can use iodine salt, wash pipe(those fuzzy craft pipes you get at a craft store) and food coloring) this works over night. Plus its a lot cheaper and easy to find.
10:12 that towel can be used as a wash cloth. Those ear ring holders are cheap and you can find other ways to store them
11:40 let first set dry before putting on more layers or you’ll just get a marble effect. They seem to have fail to mention that.

Faiza Yawar says:

Is it a piece of cloth or an elastic band.. 8.45

Benjamin dj says:

me too

AR Roza says:

0:29 Is not a gift idea

sakshi sarraf says:

2:36 it’s fake coz when you will cut the picture the cello tape will also get cut and the boxes will disassemble

minty_spice247 minty says:

None of these hacks where girly just saying

Hailey Guinn says:

Where can you get those chemicals to make those crystals? I want them!

Inder Giibert says:

You have really good content though

Rama Devi says:

That’s so nice

Eva Davies says:

The 6th hack s just too much effort for a card that’s gonna be thrown away

Cat broke says:

1:55 lmaoooooo

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