What to give a girlfriend? How to cook a romantic dinner for her? How to surprise a girlfriend? How to make a romantic surprise to your beloved? How to please your soul mate? This question on the eve of Valentine’s Day worries all men. After all, every girl and woman expect from a beloved man a nice gift, a cute souvenir or an unexpected surprise.

Of course, to pay attention to your beloved girlfriend, you do not need to wait on February 14. Every day you can please her with your love and care. However, on this day prepare something special to make your girlfriend happy.

I will show you many interesting gift ideas: how to make a rose in a jar, how to make a romantic card, how to make a heart out of paper, how to pack candies, how to make a romantic dessert made from strawberries and blueberries, how to make a cake in the shape of a heart, how to make waffles with ice cream how to make a photo souvenir from your photos, how to make a nice cardboard box for a gift, and much more.


1:30 Paper origami heart
4:18 Strawberry dessert
6:21 Heart-shaped pie
9:14 Puzzle cube with photos
10:41 Cute paper box DIY

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Dharejo Urooj says:


Juanita Shackelford says:

Yeah sexuality is a real thing

فاضل هاتف says:

منو عربي

Migs Nuñez says:

If men do that very well, he’s too crafty. It’s too crafty for men actuallyyy!

Catuchca Nelson says:

There where you paint with acrylic paint. Can I use fabric paint instead?

ms. frazier says:

Are my expectations too high?! I saw 1 gift idea…the flower was cute. Oh n the cube.

قناة عامة says:

Abonné pliiiz

Celeste aracelli Velarde says:

No ahy nada que desirles solo.felisitarlos porq son los mejores

Mohd Hamza says:

Vere Nice

Belgielyn Marie Allocod says:


jessica Böhl says:

Pelin sexista…

Sayed Azamc.s says:

Ur very talented and awesome girl or boy

dexschm says:

Who is also not a man?

Arttory Crafts says:

Very nice dear..

Maestro Sustituto says:

Lo miro, como si lo fuese hacer :’v

Anahi Beltoga says:

Alguien Abla español

Đức Khải Nguyễn says:


Zemmel Art & Craft says:

Really good nice sharing

nelson vimalanathan says:



Happy Babbie! says:

Loved it

Kaya Debello says:

I’ve never seen the men one probably cause I’m a girl and I had no idea they did this but the intro was so cool

Geicy Kezia says:

Amo seus vídeos continue fazendo video assim

Grace Philipp (2025) says:

So I am a girl and ahem I watch this

Elizabeth Crawford says:

Of course it’s the thought that counts

Manisha Lokhande says:

5 minute craft is the best

Efe Vural says:


stiti pragyan says:

u r doing so speed

ירדן לייזר says:

הסרטון לבנים ובנות עושות אותו!!!

see all here says:

Give a video for those single guys

Shakeira Bell says:

Love how it’s five minute crafts “men” with drawing, cutting, and gluing shit together.
Because women could nEvEr do any of that

Nepali YouTuber says:

Who wants subscribe ??

gacha._.potato says:

8:19 is she playing Roblox???

Arnie Calang says:

yay new content

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