15 DIY Christmas Gifts People Will LOVE!

Christmas time is here!! Here’s some DIY gift ideas for your friends or family that they will love!

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Here’s how to make 15 DIY presents for Christmas! I’ve got you covered with gifts ranging from beauty to food to chocolate to present sets and more! This video is basically a gift guide and has lots of ideas for what to make your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, or whoever you need to give a gift to! These work for either Christmas or Birthdays. Hope you enjoy and get some great ideas 🙂

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored video.


Audrey Nichols says:

Honey I was listening to Christmas music on October 1st

Priscilla Williams says:

I’m think it would be nice if you focus a bit more on Thanksgiving

قمر حسن says:

حلووووو كتير أنا بحب لكرسماي

x ZEFrat x says:

I know I am the person who looks for Christmas gifts in November but YOU ALREADY HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE???

xfoxyloxy26x says:


Hey it's Elaine says:


bhafc_news 07 says:

I’m still not thinking about christmas yet, still got less than 2 months to go.

Noa Davies says:

U have already got ur tree whatttt
Ilysm lol

totallystraightdude says:

Wow are you super efficient
or did you film this during halloween?

Jaime Brooke30 says:

I love the ornament, chocolate bark, and emergency kit. I gave my sister an emergency kit and she said it was great for work.

Amy Blevins says:


k r i s t i n e says:

Glad im not the only celebrating Christmas early. Sorry but if you wait until after Thanksgiving, you’re boring. Lol jk

Amanda Gray says:

Can you do a winter morning and night routine

Kat Ashley says:

queen of celebrating seasons super early hahaha

Christina Dahabreh says:

November 4th 2018 anyone?

snatched weeve says:


Giulia Grandi says:

OMG i love youuu (i’m italian )

CmatthYBR says:

Description errors:

1) Christmastime should be one word. “It’s Christmastime, one word. It’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, two words, both capitalized” (APStylebook, 2012).

2) Should be “birthdays” rather than “Birthdays.” “”Words like birthday, anniversary, reunion and gala are lowercase. If you describe an event with a proper name (Lizzy’s Surprise 30th Birthday Bash), then it’s uppercase. Also, Happy Birthday is capitalized if you write, “Happy Birthday, Zack!” It’s lowercase when you write, “I hope you have a happy birthday!”” (Rubin, 2014).

Angel Martinez Ayala says:

So cool

TheSbernal says:

Lovvve ur room and i already started wrapping presnts

Sarah Vasser says:

First dislike

Priscilla Williams says:

…..too early for Christmas….m.

Alejandra Ramirez says:

Saw the decorations and I’m like same

Valeria Alfaro says:

Omg this was so helpful,had to get presents for 20 family members, even though I’m Muslim I still do Christmas. I used every single gift idea and just had to subscribe. Merry Christmas!

IsabellaTM says:


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