10 Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gifts 2018!

10 Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gifts 2018! DIY Father’s day gifts last minute! DIY father’s day gifts for kids! Father’s day 2018!
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Today’s video is about DIY father’s day gifts from daughter! DIY father’s day gifts for husband! DIY Father’s day gifts from toddler! DIY Father’s day gifts 5 minute crafts, diy father’s day gifts easy, diy father’s day gifts baskets, diy father’s day gifts from teenage daughter 2018!
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Thalia O'Neal says:

Love your videos

Brooklyn Keddy says:

Thank you! This helped!

Ellen Cantrell says:

It’s just food with a dumb note on it. It’s like “dad I forgot father’s day, so here’s some food.”

hey_its_ Me says:

Yesss! This is great

Zoey Sample says:

Thx this is helpful

Harper Calico says:

Second like, 3rd comment!!!!!

Jhaylinne Duran Gomez says:

1st yay

J Dub says:


cadiebug says:

Omg this is a life saver! Thank you so much!!

Thalia O'Neal says:


klotapia says:

my dad is going to be happpy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lasyam Sundar says:

It’s k. Not great. Can do btr

simplymallory says:

girl THANK YOU for this!! totally thought it was next weekend!

Username GoesHere says:

Your all that and a bag of chips

Ava Weseman says:

5th yay thank you so much love your videos ❤️❤️

Alyssa Ruby says:

Thanks for watching!! Let me know what videos you guys want to see next 🙂

abigail rios says:

Yesss thanks

Stefanie Lively life says:

I love you

gurleen sran says:

i love this video 🙂

JulieGamingWithYou Chau says:

Omg,these things are very useful that it can do it very fast and most of them I got ingredients,thanks!<3

Agusz Gomez says:

I love the video! For my dad I do one of urs DIY’s❤❤❤

Jasmine Flores says:


Anna Banana says:

Weird fact: My hand writing was AMAZING in kindergarten. Yes KINDERGARTEN. Now it’s a lot worse lmao XD

Aanya Awesome says:

OMG this helped SOOOO much thank you you just got a new subscriber!

Slime City says:

these are so helpful and i love you!!!

Cruz D says:

This stuff is dumb

Thalia O'Neal says:

I will make something for my dad but he in jail I miss him

IzzyXox says:

Wow this is actually helpful! :3 ❤️❤️❤️

Simply By Kay says:

Hi! Im new to your channel and I love your channel already!!! <3333

Shivangi's DIY Corner says:

i like all the gifts the first one i definiently make. thanks ..

Emely Carrera says:

3rd comment

Navya Dua says:


Sherlin Briceno says:

I still watched even tho my dad passed away but ima still do it for my mom because she was my mom and dad

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