10 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts People ACTUALLY Want!

Here’s 10 Last Minute DIY Gifts People Will ACTUALLY Keep! Pssst! Help me name Moosey! ♥Let’s get this vid to 35,000 likes?!

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GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS!! It’s time to start thinking about those Christmas gifts!! Finding Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, your mom, your best friend, your teacher, and your cousin’s girlfriend’s dad’s pet is SUPA DUPA stressful! Why not make these 10 Last Minute Super Cheap & Easy Christmas Gifts that people will ACTUALLY want to keep & not throw away? You know you wanna!

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Addie Fulmer-Sicher says:

my favorite was the memories jar

Peridot Universe says:

Rana the reindeer for the name

Disturbilious says:

What’s the second song at the start again??

Varya Sweet says:

3:33 Song ?

Katie Murray says:

Where dose she get her candle holders from x

Lyn Thomas says:

What’s the bathroom basket

angelina says:

Who else is still watching this Video after christmas?

Olyvia Gobern says:

Starburst,Sourpatch Reindeer

Jennifer Gardyne says:

chocolate mousse

Lizzie Cucomber says:

Wait 2:32 what do u use first??

Totoros and Tutorials says:

Can you put melted starburst in the candle?

Sabat Ali says:

Just a random person watching DIY’s, but not actually making any of them…

Kimi liebt pizza says:

You got me in the first second!

Taja Benn says:

there are so cut I love it

perla santibanez says:

you said cute “again”

Aditi Arun says:

8:38 song plssss @misstiffanyma

Martin Dew says:

Who is watching in 2017?

Stacey H says:


ghetto bananna says:


Wonder Twins# says:

where can I get coconat oil? ( I know my english is bad becouse I’m from Czech Republic)

Icy Bella says:


Jennifer Kenny says:

that giraffe bowl thingy is amazing! I can’t believe I never thought of it before.

Vy Tran says:

This is the only vid that was good that I watched

Snazzy Banana says:

name it Gerald

MarieCutiePie says:

I’m on a 0 dollar budget and these really worked thanks

The amazing Zahraa says:


Foxes Game says:

Boy moose= Mikey

Girl moose= Michelle
Boy reindeer= Rory(Roar-E)

Girl reindeer= Raina
I hope you like the names Tiff!

Vich Sethsobotrey says:

where do you come from ?

craftydayanamind morales says:

instead of coconut oil can i use vaseline ?

Olyvia Gobern says:

Fluffy,Candy,Jolly rancher,Misle tow,Cutie pie,kisses,Strawberrie,Lilly,Jake

Lam Phuong says:

whos watching this after christmas aka a month or so later

Kiara Greenleaf the lion says:

what could you make for your boyfriend if your day is the next day?

cookie family says:


Sumit Chilveri says:

it’s cool but she not says how to make a deer cookie

Rainbow Kitty says:

Ok i feel like this girl watches a lot of wengie videos because she kinda acts like her and editing is very similar…. not being rude tho

Denise Murphy says:


Lyn Thomas says:

Love this

jerwin mangayayam says:


Simone C says:


Iraj Waquas says:

oh ma gosh this video was outstandingggg i loved it and it was reallllyyyyy helpful tiff i luv ya!!<3

TootsieRoll 10 says:

How about Mr.horns

Kory Guerrero says:

that will be awsome

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