10 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas – HGTV Handmade

Left your Christmas gifts to the last minute? These ideas will make anyone happy and take no time to make!
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Fendora says:

the recipe on the kitchen towel is GENIUS! and very thoughtful. I think it would be such a personal reminder of childhood memories cooking with grandma if anyone received it. That was very clever.

Hailey Hamblin says:

Why do they all basically involve money?

SimpLee Beth says:

Lots of great ideas!

Ahs amvs says:

Yeahhh to poor for this

LPSmoonlight CAT says:

Xdd they like only positive comments and not the ones with criticism

tycoonews Neel Akber says:

Very creative you deserve more subs and thumbs such an inspiration

Diana Rasvanta says:

all of them are great ideas, but I think I like the most the money tree

Kawaii Kelly says:

This is me, one week before Christmas, trying to make gifts.

Sarah Diy says:

Awesome ideas I would love to see some DIY room decor we never saw those videos in a while it would be awesome to have some diy notebooks too!❤

Barbara Warner says:

Loved the little cat dishes and the tassels. Very creative! Your creativity and imagination will help me make beautiful gifts!

Maria Rocio Juarez says:

I liked all the proyects…I’m to do all of them…Thank you!

Mahmood Khan says:

5:52 they legit put a. Kip from some other youtubers video in there I watched it before watching this

Grace Heiney says:

So cute!

Edisa Kuroki says:

Why does that have to include money so much

Cyrenna Voycheske says:

I loved the money pulling through the box. I can’t wait to try this for my son and his fiance.

Smol potato says:


lemme fo cry for a minute ;-;

Beth P says:

I agree… the gift card holders…

Roses Diary says:

tape money k

Dara Zaharieva says:

I really liked the one with the grandma stuff in a frame. I was thinking what to give grandma for Christmas

Puff Muff says:

0:36 would american money rip? im not sure Australian money is a plastic un-ripable thing (no hate)

Mnm 17806 says:

When it says 10 Christmas gifts at LAST minute but then it says let it dry for several hours

BeatlesFanSonia says:

The “pull me” money box.

Adriana Vega says:


Ammaica Vlogs {Strawberiimiki} says:

double the speed when watching :))

HGTV Handmade says:

It’s time to start thinking about those last-minute gifts! Which of these ideas was your favorite?

Deb and Kim Squad says:

You don’t have to waste that muck money

Stella Jennings says:

Nobody wants money for Christmas

EM girls says:

Sure some of these are good idea, but they aren’t last minute

Brenda Cooper says:

I loved the pie server, recipe, picture shadow frame. It is something we can all do with small heirlooms. Great idea.

SimpLee Beth says:

Love these!

martina rodriguez says:

Too pore for the money thing but other than that u saved my life :p

Candice Rimell says:

Tote bag was my favourite

Aurora_Belle 52 says:

Sooooo what if I have no money

lalvarezromano says:

I love the idea of the printed grandma recipe! I wish I could have time to do it!

Anna Kaminski says:

These were great. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

Emi’s World says:


Alexandra Babin says:

We can’t do that with Canadian money ( first clip )

Lacie Root says:

Good ideas, I think I’d have polished them a bit though. The stamped words were cringe worthy to a seasoned crafter. My favorites were the circles gift card holder, the tassels and the painted dishes at the end.

murphy1384 says:

All the above…..so hard to choose
Merry Christmas

Phoebe says:

I can’t choose a favourite this time, all great ideas… except, I would use faux leather, if I were to make those tassels.

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