10 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas – HGTV Handmade

Make gifts for all of our friends and family from these 10 easy DIY ideas!
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Hey Itz me potato says:

Omg this is great now I can give my cousin’s dog a wonderful gift! Thank you so much!!

Dream Catcher says:

I loved all of them! Thank you!

Melissa Vella says:

My favorite was the marble candle

Paige Mull says:

I dig gifts in a jar! Or a box! One of the best gifts I ever got was from my old roommates boyfriend who didn’t know what to get my sister and myself ( us both being her roommates) He got a tin and filled it with cotton balls, nail polish remover, finger nail files, those toe divider foam things, nail polish, lotion, hair ties and some candy. I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful. He didn’t think we would like it but it was great!

Julie Madden says:

Love this type of video! Marble candles are my fav. It seems so satisfying to make!

Kamri Joy Cruz says:

I love your videos i just came across your channel love all of the diys

Un Unicornio says:

1:53 wait what?

Pringles Priya says:

159 is my fav

RAKESH kumar says:

I have no friends 1like=1friend

Sarah Diy says:

Wow awesome ideas!!! I’ll defently use some of these

chyymchyym says:


Datcitygal says:

so cool 🙂

HGTV Handmade says:

Which of these Christmas gift ideas was your favorite?

Aoife Moloney says:

but they r cute way of giving to someone

Aoife Moloney says:

not exactly diy,

samariana16 says:

The floral glass coasters were my fave!

Allydo15 says:

I loved all of these. It’s too hard to pick a favorite although the marble tealight and coasters were very nice but I thought about how they’d look good in my apartment rather than gifts for others.

Jessica Tutton says:

Brother I’m not a chemist plus these are diy XMAS gifts how the heckle are we supposed to get flowers in the winter

JeMayWard says:

OMG I loved the floral coasters, such a cute idea! just posted a DIY video myself haha

kaleigh ghassemi says:


LifeWithAdri says:

Where did you get the mold from?”

Margaret Moon says:

I loved the customized pillows and the bath bombs. Nice job everyone.

nancy martinez says:

love sented oil can you use another oil instead of coconut oil

Jane Doe says:

Soy candle.

Isa says:

I dont understand the cookie jar. Are you supposed to eat all that or bake it??

BRIAN says:

stenciled pillows and marbled candles

deprofundis says:

I loved the marbled candles and flower coasters the best!

Guro Berdal Berdal says:

You deserves 1 million subs

Elsietumble #1 says:

Here is another idea: Get a coffee cup and paint it with paint for it and draw on it, then u can get some coffee beans and fill it into the cup

gustiana mettasari says:

Hi, I created also a video about 5 best Christmas gift ideas to give to your significant other! Yours are so awesome, love it! 🙂

LadyBNaturalTv says:

It would be very helpful if you would list the projects in the description box.

Gina Gutierrez says:

The coasters was my favorite!

Dalaine Bloom says:

I liked the Candles and the pillow cases. I hope to get a few sets of molds so I can make more than one set with all of that plaster of Paris. Thank You for sharing these Great Ideas.

saini mukesh says:


Heena Shah says:

recipe for cookies? anyone?

Anneloes Rufi says:

Love you’re video’s!!❤️☺️

Perry Walton says:

Dried Flower coasters are cool.

Aoife Moloney says:

i like jars but, you still have 2 buy stuff you just put in a jar

Trinity Albizu says:

omg this is soooooo good I know what things i’m givin to my family now but I’m sorry cause I dont like vids with out people givin the dertions it makes it more compilcated

sophisticatedtw says:

Using such wonderful ideas that we can create! Tailored. Thanks!!

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