Zen Garden Aquaruim DIY

This video recorded and edited with the help of my seven years old son Eric. You will learn how to make a zen garden aquarium out of a plastic bottle.
I want to make a zen garden aquarium out of a plastic bottle. It is a variation of an aquarium that I made previously – check it out for details (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tnqo1m_Oxs). This time I let my 7 year old kid do as much as he could.
For this project we need: 1.5 or larger plastic bottle, a plastic bowl, a tube, a paper clip.
Tools: knife, scissors, soldering iron, hot glue gun.
Water, snails, fish, and water plants for the aquarium. And rocks and sand for the zen garden.
Remove stickers from the bottle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz7DvaNoHGc). Wash the bottle thoroughly. Cut off the bottom part of the bottle.
Unscrew the cap from the bottle.
This time I am going to use a wider plastic bowl than the one I used in my previous project – I want more space for the zen garden. Mark the spot where to glue the bottle cap. I prefer to attach it about somewhere between center and the side of the bowl. This way we can add supporting rocks all the way around the bottle. And we dedicate the wide space between bottle and the side of the bowl to the zen garden.
Apply a generous amount of hot glue at the spot where you want to attach the cap.
Push the cap firmly into the hot glue.
Let the glue cool down.
Use the hot soldering iron to cut a hole of the same or slightly larger diameter as the tube about 1 cm away from the cap.
Cut aslant one end of the tube. Insert the tube through the hole inside of the bottle.
Place the end of the tube in the middle ( 1 – 2 cm) of the bottle pointing to the cap.
Apply hot glue around the tube to seal the hole.
Hold the tube in place while the hot glue cools.
Measure and cut the tube. I make the tube about 20 cm longer than the bottle.
Pull the end of the tube through the handles of paper clip. Fix the paper clip to the top of the aquarium.
Screw the bottle into the cap.
We can wrap the tube around the aquarium – it looks better this way.
Basically, we have made the aquarium.
Place a large rock on the bottom of the aquarium on top of the tube – it will prevent any large objects from getting inside of the tube.
Put large rocks around the cap to support the aquarium. And then add smaller rocks on top. I put rocks to the top surrounding the part of the bowl near the aquarium, leaving a shallow wide space in front of the aquarium for the sand.
Fill up the bowl with sand. Let the wet or damp sand dry and then add some more sand filling up the empty space between rocks.
Let the water settle for 24 hours or at least over night before you add it to aquarium. Keep the level of the water in the aquarium about 2 cm below the top edge of the bottle – we don’t want fish to jump over out of the water! Add water to the aquarium as necessary.
Then you can add water plants.
I like to add water snails to my aquarium.
This size aquarium is sufficient for small fish like betta fish or couple guppies.
Direct sun light could be harmfull! I attach some color paper with sticky tape to the back (and sides) of the aquarium. It blocks direct sun light and the fish looks nicer on the background.
Congratulations! We have made a zen garden aquarium! Taking care of the aquarium is the interesting part. The aquarium looks better with water plants. Also, the water plants serves as food for the fish and provide oxygen and removes some of the waste made by fish. The waste accumulates in the bottom of the aquarium – where we placed the tube. We have to remove accumulated waste about once a week or two. Prepare a cup. Unfasten the end of the tube from the top of the aquarium.
Lower the end of the tube in the cup. The water with waste will flow from the bottom of the aquarium through the tube to the cup.
The lower the end of the tube then the level of the water in the aquarium the faster water will flow.
Fix the end of the tube back in the handles of the paper clip. Dispose of the waste water (it’s good for watering flowers and plants!) and refill the aquarium with adecvate necessary amount of water.
It is enjoyable and fun to work in zen garden.
One day (not long after we set up the aquarium with zen garden) we noticed about a dozen of baby guppies (fry) hidden among water plants. It’s sure sign that fish likes the aquarium.
It’s a good idea to keep baby guppies separately from adult fish (adult fish may eat babies!). We are going to make couple more aquariums using similar concept. It would allow us to cross breed guppies for different colors and shapes – which is all year around cool project. And it looks and sound as nice gift for our friends!
Have fun and happy zen garden aquarium 🙂

Blog: http://rndmbits.blogspot.com/2016/09/zen-garden-aquarium-diy.html

More fun on my website www.fewdoit.com

Views as Money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03hgIT4HTiE

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what? where? says:

in a tank this size you should only use inverts, its too small for fish.

CraftyMaelyss says:

I’d be too paranoid about the bottle getting knocked over, can you use maybe a jar or something with a solid bottom? Also isn’t it cruel to keep guppies in that tiny space?

Experiment 626 says:

People stop bitching about it “ohh no fish can survive in this” some fish come from dime size water and in videos on YouTube when their shipped to pet stores their thrown in boxes without care and their in plans or trucks for months until they get to pet stores so leave *@Michael* alone this is good for people on a budget

Brandi Gray says:

Literally all I see on here is children hitching about a fish.

Ignoring the majority of these tits, I think you have a great idea!

Pavani Raj says:

nice idea . what are those green colour seeds which u kept at top

TaOstatnia says:

betta in that small bottle. you are stupid.

xGothemox says:


Mr TIMEPASS!!!!!!!!! says:


Mr TIMEPASS!!!!!!!!! says:

if I don’t have hot glue gun

Tami Otani says:

It was very good, but you should not put a poor fish on it “/ Aquarium are made of glass for a reason. It’s not safe for them to be kept on a plastic recipient for long times, even if it’s a beta.

Tegar Prasetya says:

what kind a fish you put in to your aquarium

Markie Petty says:

What’s with all the negative comments? To each is own. Leave the man alone. Everyone has a sense of entitlement and bashing this guy for having guppies in a small environment is like you all leaving comments on my cooking videos telling me I can’t eat 3 fried eggs every morning because it’s not good for my health. Just because you know it’s not healthy for me, doesn’t give you the right to tell me what I can or can’t eat. Just watch the video and enjoy the family project these two are creating together. I love working on projects with my daughter, who cares if the hot glue I use is potentially toxic to fish. Who cares if the bottle isn’t going to keep a consistent temperature. It’s just a family project. It’s time well spent with your loved ones. Good educational fun. And all you negative nancies look like a bunch of bullies.

Killer Kenny says:

Please check my channel out its a nice fish tank channel

sebbes animals says:

i build that fish tank today so tomorrow me and my mom go to the shop and buy two guppies thanks for the DIY

Foxgirlgamer says:

Guppies can’t live in her fry, juveniles, or adults. They breed often and need at least a 10 gallon tank. It’s a great idea just too small. :I

Abigail Marcotte says:

Omg we get it peoplenits not great for a fishy butt it was just a demonstratio and you’d think that after the first comment about it not ending good for a fish is enough. We got the message. Great aquarium though perfect for sea monkeys:)

Adrian the Betta says:

Oh my god that duckweed is going to kill your fish! Too bad you’ll never be able to get it out now that you’ve put it in there

Silberschutz says:

no to fish.

Frederik Walla says:

to small for the fish

cccseven7 says:

posted DISAPPOINTED, before even reading other comments…I stand corrected….VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

Sanghita Banerjee says:

When my newly bought guppy unexpectedly gave birth to 26 fries,I was baffled regarding what is to be done;clearly keeping them with the mommy would end up in them getting eaten.Thus I was drawn to youtube for a solution,and I am so so happy that I found your videos on aquarium out of plastic bottles.Even the idea of aquaponics is fabulous.I practically have housed my baby guppies in two plastic bottle cutouts,with pothos plants(they were not thriving well in soil,but in her,oh man!).I must mention that your idea of adding a colored background is really amazing,I LOVED IT.Please do not let negative comments affect you or your DIYs.I wanna tell you,you are doing a fabulous job,and it is coming to great help for amateurs like me,who have constraints on tank size.Will be looking forward to more updates from you :).Happy New year 2017 to you and your family.With love from India

Austkrr b says:

silly humans. those fish need clean cycled water

Mr TIMEPASS!!!!!!!!! says:

what is that creature in your playlist

RamenForKitty says:

Guppies are tropical fish. Their temperature should be between 25.5 and 27.8 °C (78 and 82 °F) and salt levels equivalent to one tablespoon per 19 l (5 US gal).
There is no way you’re properly supplying their heat and salt levels in that.

This is also not suitable for a betta fish. Betta fish are TROPICAL as well.
They live in streams, which are shallow, but long and plenty to swim in.

Your care is insufficient in this bottle, as is any other fish you put in it.

Every fish should be kept in a tank with at least a filter.

Stop putting them in bottles.

Jin-u Chae says:


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