Protect Your Space with this DIY Pallet Garden!

It’s one thing to keep mosquitoes off of your body, it’s another thing to keep them out of your environment.

If you watched our Saturday Strategy last week, then you already know mosquitoes are considered the number one killer on the planet! That’s right – these little obnoxious bugs are responsible for more deaths every year than human murders!

(Here’s the link to last week’s video:

Last Saturday we taught you how to make an organic, toxin-free mosquito repellent. Be sure you check it out if you missed it! In today’s Saturday Strategy, we are going to show you how to make a mini pallet board garden where you can grow herbs all year long AND keep the pesky bugs away.

Watch the video to see how to build the pallet garden! And be sure to check out the blog for all the incredible benefits of the ingredients used. Hint hint: it’s the same ingredients as last week!

Fight Mosquitos With This EASY DIY Garden – Saturday Strategy


Henry Borska says:

Quick question Drew. I’m thinking about getting the Organifi green juice.. is it alright to take at the same time as creatine? I’ve heard some people say creatine is not good to pair with other powders so I’m wondering what you think.

Emilia C says:

Not to sure about the wood from pallets to grow food?

Lori Young says:

hi guys how far sqft of space would that cover

Carrie D says:

Fabulous quick idea especially for small space living, I take mint oil with me all over Asia to keep everything out that i don’t want to sleep in my room, mossies, frogs, spiders etc.. you make a great fun team 🙂

Lesley Oliver says:

I usually use oil with both lemon and Ti tree essential oil on my indoor wood. It nourishes the wooden furniture and spiders don’t like oil of lemon so I don’t get webs in my bushblock house here in Australia. Ti tree is a natural insect repellant.

Amanda Bruney says:

ahhh heck Neal I’m with you on recycling. I have built 3 dog houses, a 12 ft x 12 ft shed with pallets and reclaimed wood. Also have built 2 Pinochet tables with benches, a garden work station, & a tool storage rack from pallets.

Mirette R says:

You guys are good !

Jason Bean says:

clever! my landscaper tenant has a bunch of pallets lying around. I’ll ask if he can part with a few. I also like the idea of olive oil and essential oils as wood preservatives. thanks!:)

Amy Jacobson says:

It’s so pretty!! Such a great idea!!

Husna Begum says:

wow amazing drew my darling please do pregnancy smoothie recipes so miss juicing lol

farooq ali says:

very fastly weight loss tips in one recipe plz

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