NEVER WATER YOUR PLANTS AGAIN! How-To DIY Garden Hack Gardening Tips for Soil

Never water your plants again if you follow this How-To DIY garden hack! Thanks to top hacks 2016.


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Never water your plants again garden hack 2016 gardening tips for beginners and kids of all ages hacks of life watering plants with endless water supply to growing vegetables and flowers. best hacks of all time water plants garden tips for growing up or growing tomatoes to growing your greens. Having an endless water supply to water plants is great!! plants, gardening. green growing flower in soil Top 5 or Top 10 best garden hack for gardeners or growing up flowers in backyard farming


Touran S says:

Oh! Wow! Never water again??? Do you know those plastics causees cancer? I don’t even use them for babies!

Jesse Cronnolly says:

Take it a step further and recycle used diapers.

Edward An Indigo says:

what’s the name of the song. being played I love it

Todd Piercey says:

Couldnt you just use crystalex? its would be a lot cheaper and much more effective.

S.T Teh says:

Omg, do not contaminate the earth, baby diaper water absorbing gel will only starts to breakdown and decompose after 200 to 500 years.

FC Growing & Gardening Channel says:

Here is the Link to buy GIANT MARIGOLD SEEDS!

KCHstudio Phx says:

thanks I love your site

Dragonelemental whisp says:

thank you so much! now  I don’t need to worry about my flowers 24/7.

Popular Games says:

Super Nice Video Shakeel Sharif Pakistan

kevin lodge says:

that is very organic soil,n you dont need that

peter martin says:

Hi,I’m looking at this in the uk,I like to ask you,what braid can i use and would you know it it will be ok for the greenhouse,many many thanks,from peter martin.

Andro Hollaander says:

what’s the song that’s playing?? ❤️

SHA says:

If I don’t have ground obviously I am using my roof. How I can make larger pots but cheapest?

S. Lucille Keene says:

Wonderful & THANKS SO MUCH for sharing. If I may offer ONE suggestion… Break up the roots before repotting~Tge the roots are then STIMULATED to GROW.

janie robles says:

wow I am using this idea.

Kittybell 128 says:

NEVER WATER YOUR PLANTS AGAIN *pours water in diaper*

eggrollsoup says:

This is great for plants that soggy soil but my lemons need to drain out so this would cause root rot

florencia loader says:

Hello! Y wish to know how is that plant call

Lole Brines says:

I have used this little trick and I love it. Where I live in the summer it can get quite hot. This diaper gel really holds the water and you don’t need to water as often.

MsJovi102 says:

Would adding moss to the soil work the same?

Peh Yew Hung says:

How Long cAn 1 diaper last

Christina Von Heidenstam says:

I think one must water any way one cant leve it just like that no

Shan Lashea says:

Thanks for sharing. Besides, what is the name of the song that’s playing in the background?

VirtualLife says:

Functionally, it prob works great to retain moisture. However, I wouldn’t do that for veg plants your going to eat. U don’t know wat that material is made of, and as it breaks down slowly, it will likely release things into the water/soil that will likely get absorbed by the plant. One obvious thing is that it’s prob bleached material, using who knows wat. If u grow veg plants as well, your likely going to have to throw that potting mix away or only use it for non veg plants. If u compost, u prob also then don’t want to compost any of that plant u grew in that material and jst chuck it.

aqua fina says:

do you water the plant after adding the mix

Madison Jackson says:

do you have any tips on growing succulents? I have already killed 2 innocent succulents. the second one lasted longer, but it still died. My sister even has a bag of special formula succulent/citrus/palm mix soil which I used to grow the plant in.

Simple seeker says:

great idea, but what is the stuff inside the diaper actually made of? and, what is the ratio of potting mix to diaper stuff?

Nikhil Sukumar says:

Thank you friend will try this technique.
May I know if this marigold is dwarf? How does it fit into such tiny pot? Can I buy this marigold seeds online and will it grow in India? Thank you buddy. You are the best simple garden authority on YouTube. thumbs up.

Danielle Sindlay says:

I really enjoy your channel but the intro music is incredibly monotonous!

The Hopeless Gamer says:

what is a good plant to get during winter?

Josh S says:

Man, who knew??? Thanks again, great stuff!

ostyn daso says:

will it work for ganja lol

Fran G. says:

what is actually in the baby diapers….chemicals. Obviously wouldn’t use for edible planting.

MD Faruk says:


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