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Hey guys! So for today’s tutorial we’re not making any miniature food – instead we’re making a garden or patio table 🙂 If you have requests for miniature food, please do leave them in the comments, and if you have any non-food related requests, please leave them on my main channel ^^

This table was made using copper and soldering supplies, as well as some patina to give it a vintage look 🙂

I made this in 1:12th scale for dollhouses, but you can easily adjust the size to fit other types of toys or dolls, such as barbie, monster high dolls, LPS, BJD’s and more 🙂
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Baking polymer clay;

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ιику says:

I love vintage things like this! when you started engraving it looked like paint Instead uwu

Mark Verdad says:

Your furnitures are incredibly amazing. It makes me want to shrink myself to experience them. Please make more furniture that involves metal and wood, they are the best

Cantinho da Rayanne MLP says:


Rubychan1000 says:

love this!! can you make some coffee latee art and scones to go with it 🙂

HablaNihongo says:

Peanut oil makes a great patina. You just brush it on, then apply heat, and it makes a great aged look.

kitcat says:

the techniques u use are very interesting and creative. do u come up with them urself or have u taken classes or searched tutorials online?

RnBC says:

Hey Tanja, will you ever be selling things on Etsy again?

Tiến Nguyễn says:

wow u know alot of things, i never know ! u great

Jeremy Hodges says:

Can u tell me if the bit for your drill is Dimond tip? I have been wanting to use my new dremel on my miniatures for so long and this is perfect. Thank u for once again being a constant source of inspiration.

VeeChaos says:

Could you please make udon? C:

FannyMMOs says:

I could watch your furniture videos 24 hours a day. I love everything, but these are so special! <3

Sweet# artist says:

for some reason this music reminds me of Fact Verse

Elianny Ortiz says:


Kathleen Probus says:

how about a pot roast, pot, veggies and all?

Jordan Davis-Cheshire says:

the table is really pretty, i love it

GamingWithKaisa says:

I like how one of your nail is different XD

Sombre kat says:

What is patina?

Ashley Ferguson says:

Thank you as always for your wonderful work!! You made attempting polymer clay not so scary 😀

JazHow91 says:

I don’t think I remember you ever making lemon meringue pie. I would love if you made one with lots and lots of lightly toasted meringue on top.

Peppy Flare says:

Could I accomplish making this with clay and paint only? I won’t be doing the used-look instead I want it to look new.

wendy grande says:

Where is the miniature fair?

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