Making a DIY Tomato Cage – Sturdy, Easy and Cheap // $10 Garden Series #5, Season 2

Making a DIY tomato cage is quick, easy and cheap. In this video, I’ll show you how! You can customize your DIY tomato cage to your garden space, and it is also sturdy enough to support all the tomatoes you’ll be growing from your $10 Garden seed kit!

Supplies used in this video:
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1. $10 Garden Seed Kit & Trifecta+ organic fertilizer:
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2. DIY Tomato Cage Supplies:
-Wire Mesh Fencing
-cable ties
-tin snips
-tape measure

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Joe Bucci says:

Nice job Kim, I use re-mesh 6″ x 6″ squares and 8 ‘ tall, I cut mine at 9 ‘  long to make a 36″ cage.

Aaron LeBoutillier says:

Feels like I’m flying through the garden!

Petey McEnroe says:

those are some nice cages you made. I agree those ones from the store are kinda weak, even though I still use them for my climbing plants like peas n such. I made my cage out of PVC and trellis netting for my tomatoes. best part about my cage is no sharp edges to deal with.

Kenneth Moravec says:

Got all my tomato seed planted two weeks ago and they are now up . . . . All 400 of them. Something about men with paws should not handle small seed. Anyway I will let them grow for now and thin them back and give many away so I have the ten tomato plants that I originally wanted.

jagsfanrick says:

You don’t need safety glasses….well then again wish you had em if a foreign matter flew in your eye….always safety …1ST!

Tim Sefton says:

Good design, Kim. I use the same big box store fencing because it’s significantly cheaper than remesh or cattle fence. One suggestion… When cutting the hand holes, cut midway and then bend the wire back in to avoid arm scratches.

Jackie Hopper says:

that is a neat tomatoe cage somebody gave me some tomatoe cages last year that were store bought I used them in my rasied bed garden thay did not really work very well because my bed is not very deep I have been trying to find another way to stake my tomatoes

soaringtractor says:

First let me say I have made these for many years, except I use what is known as FIELD fencing, why, because I had it and the openings get larger towards the top of the wire for easy access for picking,!!! and use a couple of metal fence post to hold them up and use the wire ends to fasten them together !!! Storage rea is not a problem !!!!! Finally do NOT use tin snips to cut wire !!! You will ruin the cutting edge !! Use a diagonal cutting plier, linesman/electrical plier or small bolt cutter !!! Just a FYI from an old guy !!!

Joe Bucci says:

Kim and CG, I just bought some orange Italian thingy tomato seeds from Luke at Migardner, thank you for the info on Luke.

TexarkanaPrepper says:

Why not use concrete reinforcement wire from home depot? it’s stronger and you can reach through it.

Nathanael Kitchen says:

Great idea!

Jim Battaglia says:

Great idea. You are awesome

Judy Jetson says:

Would this also work as trellis for squash or cucumbers?

Bobby Organics The Tattooed Gardener says:

Thanks again im really useless at diy this seems quite easy thanks again CALIKIM

eagles5196 says:

Gloves and safety glasses are a very good idea for this. Nice job Kim as always!

SantaAnaRoadWildman says:

Heavy duty! Im fixin to put an early girl transplant in the ground this weekend

leese 44 says:

Nice cage:’)

cool guy 45 says:

cool firse comment

Rick J says:

Hi Kim and Camera Guy~Just wanted to say I like this update to the DIY Tomato Cages! Will you secure these with rebar too? As always, Thank You both for all that you do!

Joey Bologny says:

Wow, I’m first, but I feel so, so… unchivalrous. Yech.. I always said “ladies first”. 🙁

Pam Jones says:

I use cattle panels to make mine. Definitely stronger and sturdier than the weaker ones you buy at the store. Thank you for sharing the awesomeness. 🙂

Highland's Giving Garden says:

Great info! I never thought to make cages like this for the tomato plants. I love how you made the feet on the cages as well. Very handy!

Brett Champagne says:

Love the series and this video is great.

Tony's Gardening says:

And while your making cages were growing snow.

kevin lodge says:

nice lighting Jerry!

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