Make DIY Garden Stepping Stones with CHENG Outdoor Concrete Mix

Create your own outdoor concrete garden art with this unique line of concrete stepping stone molds! CHENG Concrete Garden + Stepping Stone Molds make it easy and affordable to greatly enhance your landscape, garden, patio, backyard or entry. Made of durable polystyrene, you can expect a minimum of 20 castings from each mold to achieve strong, high-quality finished concrete stepping stones custom made by you. Ranging in design from whimsical and classic to modern and contemporary, CHENG Concrete Garden + Stepping Stone Molds can be used to make a limited run of stepping stones to use as a focal point in your home or outdoor living area or make multiple castings to create a functional path throughout your landscape and garden.

Each CHENG Exclusive is developed by the CHENG Concrete design team and has been inspired by historical and contemporary design references, art, architecture, and nature. Included with each mold are easy-to-follow instructions and design ideas for stepping stone or paver patterns and layouts.

With each bag of 1 cubic foot of CHENG Outdoor Pro-Formula Mix and 120 lbs. of sacked concrete, you can make 2-4 castings depending on the size of the mold. Choose from six pre-mixed popular CHENG Outdoor Pro-Formula colors or create your own custom concrete color using Base Mix with CHENG SmartColor™. Make just one or make many for yourself or as gifts—each stepping stone will bring style, color and texture to any outdoor living space.


Teresa Haw says:

Nice presentation

Simon Gomes says:

Lattafi Fateh says:


birokrat sompreto says:

what’s the name kind of oil that used ?

PleaseCiteYourSources Thanks says:

Interesting, but concrete products cause **chemical burns** (if powder inhaled, or if wet cement contacts skin, etc.).  It burns worse when wet & can sicken pets.

For anyone interested 

The man (at 1:18 ) poured the powder without protecting his eyes and lungs!  He also failed to cover all his skin near his gloves.

****People tend to copy what they see, so you might thing about redoing this video and adding proper safety demo and information.

It just would like people (and animals) to stay safe!

Other than safety issues, great presentation.  The finished product looks great, too.

Freddie Ochoa says:

Nice! What kinda camera did you use ?

wsvitak says:

Where do you buy

Dany Vasquez says:

sorry this job. anyone do it.

ss diplomat says:

Is there a website in which I can buy a couple of those pattern moles from?

MrJohnySolo says:

Very beautiful.I wil try it for sure. Thank you!

nico vise says:

unfortunately that plastic foams its hard to find in my country, in italy

Gabriela Hojenberg says:

¿Donde puedo conseguir los moldes en Argentina?

jenny666barnish says:

How could I make my own plastic mold so my design is unique please?

Claudia Octavia says:

thats cool, where to get molds?

Shawn P says:

If you have a vibrator it would take all of the air bubbles out of the concrete

mrshammerhankus says:

I loved this. I hope to find products soon since I am too short on time for Mother’s Day. Planning on birthday instead. These will be fabulous addition. Nice tutorial. Question: what do you do with leftover concrete? If I make too much for form for example. How do I care for my tools after? I am afraid of concrete destroying anything permanently.

Dahale SS says:

interested in its technicals
please post all to

Doğa Çam says:

no firing ?
waiting 4 days and it is enough to use ?

Jennifer Grove says:

This brought back some beloved memories of making concrete stuff with my grandfather when I was a young child. We made all sorts of stuff using various junk and old boards as molds. The sight and sound of mixing in the wheelbarrow almost made me cry.

JohnnyWAING says:

Love your product

Peter Bednarek says:

4 days!!! it will take the whole summer to make one path…. lol

amyjah1 says:

No shipping to New Zealand 🙁

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