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I don’t know what’s come over me recently, but I had the urge to try laying my own patio and garden path for the first time.

It took a fair amount of planning and research which paid off and found my local builder’s merchant, Buildland was by far the cheapest including delivery:
(This is NOT a sponsored video). Just shop around.

Also, I’ve been nominated for ANOTHER blogging award in DIY this year and need your help to win! (I’d also love to make my parents proud), so here’s the link to vote for me – it only takes a few seconds):

Marshalls patio video I mention:

Gravel & Sand etc calculator that I used:

Things I Used in This Project:
(Note some are Amazon affiliates but as always, it’s only by chance).

OX Gloves:
Wheel barrow:
Kneeling pad:
Railway Sleepers:
Sharp Sand:
Paving Slabs:
Silver Sand:
Rubber Mallet (I broke the first one in the video):
Railways Sleeper Corner Road Pins:
Railways Sleeper Road Pins:
Pressure Sprayer:
Hand saw:
Wickes Preserver (clear): Discontinued:
Spirit Level:
Folding Square (I called it Builder’s Square):
My keyring tape measure:
Mini trowel (Non branded £2 from my village hardware store)
Small Whacker (was on offer):
Ear Defenders:
Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill:
2″ plastic pipes from Toolstation (can’t find link) – around £2-3

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Liam Harvey says:

Should have layed them on a full bed of morter, laying on sand is old hat now was mainly used for laying very heavy council slabs. They
Will probably move and crack over time and ants will love to make a huge nest under them.

bobby dee says:

Thank you so much. My wife turned me on to your videos. They are very informative! All of the pointers in your thought process are helpful. I have a question. When applying the silver sand did you add any kind of binder, like cement? If not, will the sand be blown out when you shoot the surface down with the hose?

J !!!! says:

Well done! Wish you all the best with your future projects.

Stevo19801 says:

Wish my mrs was like this, she can’t even take the bins out!!

Robert Blake says:

where did you get the road pins from

ash wednesday says:

A plumb line is vertical.The one you’re using is called a string line.Good effort though on your patio!

Prilly Hamas says:

I love you

A Google User says:

Oh dear thats a bodge should have been laid on min 50 mm of paving mortar with tamped 100 mm sub base ensuring a 1 in 60 fall away from foundations of any structure. Fially point with Easyjoint. If cars are traversing the area 150 mm of sub base.

Stephanie B says:

it is very useful for me.  I have a few projects in mind, but I am planning on starting with a walkway from the driveway to the fence gate, where the dogs have worn down the grass.   thank you!!

Scotland's Carpet Cleaners says:

You are doing a great job . I enjoy your videos as they have been edited to good effect. You don’t speak at 100 miles an hour, and blast our ears with migraine inducing music. Well done Vikkie. Keep up the good work !

ode2reading says:

You go girl! Great job! I did a patio 12 years ago and it still looks good.

Buffalo DIY says:

Nice video Vickie! Have you ever tried making your own paving slabs? I’ve been thinking of giving it a try just with normal cement.

anand panjwani says:


Martin Richardson says:

This is a fantastic video Vicky very helpful for me doing my first patio

Lisa Porteous says:

Great video, watched a few times as you have inspired me to get my patio done..i’ve dug out foundations and also been told i can use dry mix. Did you just put just sand on the hardcore or was this mixed with cement? Thank you so much

David Jones says:

Nice job .just subed

Debbie Ford says:

great vid, I’m wanting to lay some paving so found it really helpful plus I’m from Sheffield. btw, that looks interesting inside the doorway at 2:05.
Know what you mean about saving £££ though. I’m now living in Scotland and labour costs are v expensive due to the distance travelled by tradespeople, puts averagely another third onto the cost. I too have decided to learn how to do it myself where possible.

zen girl says:

Vickie, instead of poisonous, harmful to pets and birds weed killer, use kosher salt and white vinegar. Everything growing will die where you spread it, without hurting animals and birds.

Mohamed Al-Ghaban says:

You dont deserve just well done but ACTUALLY a medal for this. Excellent job!

Mary W says:

it’s nice but it’s more of a pathway than a patio.

Grunf ! says:

Respect to you for doing all this hard work by yourself

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