How to make a Fairies Garden cute miniature – DIY fairy house with coke bottle – Isa ❤️


this tutorial is a craft inspired by fairies and the world of fantasy, it is a centerpiece simulating a fairy garden.
For make the house and the pond I recycle a bottle of coke, the other materials are very easy to get and cheap.

– Bottle of Coke 2 liters
– Any type of mass air drying, elastic dough is mine, but if you want to make homemade dough here’s a tutorial
– A plate of pot 45cm (mine is plastic)
.- Pot 24cm height to give fairy house
– Nail polish blue and clear (the clear is to give shine and protection for everything you do with modeling paste
– Hot and cold silicone
– Moss that used to decorate the nativity scene
– small stones
– Any natural or artificial plant to decorate
– Potting soil (universal substrate)
– a plastic bag
– Polo sticks and sticks tree branch
– rope
– A few pieces of cloth to simulate clothes drying rack

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Kumoro Santi says:

soo many color.

Jackie Williams says:

ohhhhh so pretty swtie

Noor Jahan says:


Fatima Noman says:

you are amazing

Jessie's AG Chanel says:

It’s not a real garden

Kumoro Santi says:

soo many color !!!

lps anička says:

sehni dili sou uzasne♡♥♡♥♡♡♡

xGothemox says:

The kawaiiness is real…

PawPrintGaming says:

Hello! If you decide to make another one, instead of using water for the pond, use clear nail polish!

sarah farrell says:

hi how dues the clay stick together .because mine dues not stay

Indra Prince says:


Steven Rea says:

cute hhhhhhh

Bibina Adhikari says:

fantastic,wonderful job…keep it up

destiny Gutierrez says:

what corner

Junk to Fun Projects says:

Beautiful mini garden.

Rubbish 1 Minute Storys まつだ55 says:

I want to live in this house becoming smaller.

Farida Yeasmin says:


toteswurmelein says:

so adorable *-*

LPS Ema TM says:

I love❤

Evelyn Victoria says:


Lps Emily312 says:

What do you use to edit?

Rachel Kurais says:


Videos by ME! MEB says:

I thought a pro made the fairy house

abdullah Sediqi says:


Larry Easley says:


الناظر & says:

جدا جميل. احسنت

daily game player says:

wow super

Tara Eastwell says:

wow that is so amazing

prathyusha lakshmi says:


Alavi Parambadan says:

churitar catig

TheGamingGoat243 Youtube says:

This is so creative and adorable. 10/10 🙂

lps anička says:

to to to to je na dher a♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

Beads Art says:

i love u r creations

Sbh Aliya says:

Great job 🙂

VG girl says:


Aleksandra Okienczuk says:

Love love

Buettner Burritt says:

I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on woodprix webpage 🙂

Vita Evita says:

i love it garden

Hampas Lupa says:

nice to try

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