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I am a novice gardener and wanted to build raised garden beds (DIY ) for my backyard. Last year I made hanging garden containers for the fence, but this year, I wanted to try my hand at something larger: raised garden beds a little smaller than 4×8. Here is how I built my raised garden beds using cedar wood.

For a complete list of materials used, read the written blog post:

Learn how to use a jigsaw (perfect for newbies):

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Serena Appiah
P.O. Box 463
Spencerville, MD 20858


Thrifting Prevails!! says:

Wow!!! Impressive!!!!

bridgette foster says:

I would take 90 degrees, I have rain, rain and rain. Thanks for the video.

sctvgirl says:

You’re my hero!

Katherine Canon says:

Lol love you girl. I was wanting make one for the kids not sure how to make one.

Fresh & Sassy Plant-Based Living says:


Ana Findlay says:

You’re such an inspiration Serena, wish I had your talent I love your videos
your children are so cute keep up the good work!

Veggie Bowls says:


Chris Mc says:

Hi, Never had raised bed gardens for my veggies gardens until last summer. Built 3 with 8′ long 4″ X 4″ cedar posts from Home Depot. Instead of just screws, used corner metal joining brackets. Cut 2 posts in 1/2 for the ends. 2 layers, and staggered the 2nd, so that the seams were not over one another. Then stained them to match my wooden fence. Oh yes, and also screwed in pieces of 1″ X 8″ cedar planks on top of the posts. Have a nice place to sit all around the beds.
Am almost 70 now, so the raised beds are easier to work with…
With raised beds, they seem to dry out quicker, so watering is important. Believe that I will pick up some oat straw (never use hay) and mulch the beds this year. This will prevent the soil from drying out too fast, will keep the weeds down, and will enhance the soil for next year.
The more you learn and try, the faster your Green Thumb will grow. All the best to you!

Lazy Lima DIY says:

You make it look so easy!

Elizabeth Messina says:

You go girl! You are such a hard worker! I love your projects. I guess you should check out mixing some fertilizer in a watering pail and feed your new babies pretty soon. After that, probably once a month. They should grow really well in a raised garden because their roots will be able to spread very easily as opposed to being planted int the hard, clay soil we have in Maryland. I’m glad you decided to film this. I look forward to the growing updates!

Beth Neese-Elliott says:

You rock!

dee doc says:

Great idea! Please keep us updated on the progress of the garden. I’m glad you turned on the camera to share this with us.

TrooperSgt says:

I saw your TV commercial a few minutes ago. What does your hubby think about having a Hot TV Star in the house?

Mirla Rivera says:

Thanks for the tips! Weekend project!!

Elizabeth Armendariz says:

So that’s how you stay so slim. You work out in 90 degree weather!

Saadia Laureano says:

I love it

Saadia Laureano says:

Try to find some. Free wood chips for your plant

Karen Pruden says:

Great raised garden beds. I want to make one of those. Well I asked my husband to build it and I’d help him, lol. Your little helpers did a great job too. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂

bridgette foster says:

Great job! Now you can learn to can your food. A lot of work , but rewarding.

Carol Hibbard says:

Beware! Gardening is addictive! Delightful to watch and be inspired, as I’ve been thinking about adding raised beds to our yard. Thank you! Question…..What was your “fencing” made of? In the video it looked like plastic mesh, but it may have been the lighting. Are you happy with it….does it keep out the rabbits?

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