How to Build Cheap, DIY Raised Garden Beds In Under 30 Minutes

Building a raised bed isn’t as hard as it seems. I went on a mission to build the simplest and cheapest raised garden beds possible.

It took me about 15 minutes to build, and cost about $40 to make. Of course, you could save more if you used salvaged materials, but I wanted this to be applicable to people that don’t have anything lying around the house.

Learning how to build a raised garden bed doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t have to buy expensive $200 kits or beds from a company if you don’t want to…just follow this guide!

→ Planter wall blocks (found at Home Depot)
→ 6 cu ft. soil
→ (2) 2′ 2×6′ boards
→ (2) 6′ 2×6′ boards
→ 1″ nails
→ Seeds!

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Bill Morley says:

Aren’t there harmful chemicals in the planter blocks?

Algae Bucket says:

What kind of soil did you use, if you can remember?

PLAY THIS!!! says:

They should seriously make those Planter Wall Blocks out of wood.

Gail Hoffmeyer says:

Outstanding helpful video. Straight to the point, concise and so informative! Thank you so much!

andrewshooter says:

If a raised bed garden is going in a spot that is currently covered in thick grass, how should the area be prepared?

Rocko777 P. says:

Cool! Do you use drip?

anniequilts says:

Wow – neat ! I have never seen those block things before – where can you get them? Big box stores?

Mike Roche says:

think you could stack another block on each corner , add more boards for a deeper bed?

Vadym Antipov says:

I made it, learned on woodprix website. great solutions I think.

Big Papi says:

I like the choice of Kellogg garden soil. It’s usually the least expensive at the box box garden centers. I’ve had good luck with it as well as what they call “raised bed mix”.

Shampoo Wow says:

Nice video! I like it

Real D.O.W Official says:

Wheres the water drainage system? Im going to drill in a spade bit on the botton of every square foot if that is logical or not.

Egor Tetenko says:

I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

The Sonoran Desert Grower says:

This is perfect for prisons or detention facilities.

ResslerMania Gardening Archive says:

Last year we started a 30 inch high raised bed CORE garden. This year I
was surprised how compacted it got and the amount of topping off I had
to do but the results of the garden was incredible. Well worth the work
that went into it. The videos I did on it do not hold a candle to yours
but you can view them to know what I am referring to. In any case, we
have taken some tips from you that we have used in our garden. Thank you
… and keep up the great work.

Sylvia Moreno says:

How would I make bed higher?

Andrew Chason says:

Not wanting to spend a ton of money on sprinkler/drip. How often does this bed need to be watered with that can?

"Organics Best" Urban Gardner says:

Nice video fellow gardener. Love the idea, finished mine 3 months back before I hit the road. i have a friend that is making these out of a composite material. No concrete breakage which will be great.

Jan King says:

So where does one get those planter wall blocks? Would be a good thing to put links to those things in the description. Good video tho.

K Rag says:

Thank you for this video. I just built mine today! Those planters wall blocks are perfect for this.

Red hulk says:

so excited to try this!! Thank you 🙂

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