How to Build a Raised Garden Bed for Under $15!

Gardening season is in full swing and I’m trying out some raised garden beds on the farm thus year to improve our water drainage issues. We’ve been getting a lot of rain and or clay soil is getting really compacted and takes forever to drain. So raised garden beds it is! I’ve made four already and it’s such a quick and easy project that I decided to make a video tutorial and share it with you in hopes of giving you some inspiration to try your hand at growing some food this year!

There are a lot of videos and blog posts on inexpensive ways to build your own garden beds but many of them were not very inexpensive solutions in my eyes. I was able to make mine for very little money so I’m sharing what I did in this video with you.

Before using any power tools please practice safety precautions to ensure proper and safe use of all tools and supplies. Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions for the tools and supplies you are using. Use eye and hand protection if the project requires it and of course, have fun!

Supplies you’ll need:
• Two 2x8x8 foot boards of untreated wood- I used pine but if you can get a good deal on some cedar or redwood then that would be better since they are both naturally rot resistant and should last longer.

• 4 wooden chunks of a 2×4 cut to the width of the board you are using. In my case it was 7 3/8″.

• about 20 outdoor/exterior wood screws at 2.5″ or longer.

• Cordless drill with predrilling/countersinking bits

This 4 foot x 4 foot raised bed cost me just under $15 and is a great way to start growing food, herbs or even just flowers. This is the size suggested in the Square Foot Gardening method.

Give it a try!

Thanks for watching!

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Helen Beseda says:

Thank you! I built a raised bed today after watching your video a few times. It’s not perfect, but I love it! Thank you for the good instructions!

Paul W says:

I’m a rookie gardener, and I’m wondering how many veggies could you plant in this garden box? I’m thinking two rows, one being carrots and the other being onions…

Yeshi Tegegne says:

I have two pieces color bond galvanised. I want built rectangle garden bed . Can you tell me what tools I need and other extra parts to finish the project please

Jim says:

great video

Anonymous C says:

Nice video

gia springs says:

Great video! I’ve built 2 garden beds with your method im so happy! .. Have you done a video for an elevated garden bed?

Kathysworld Overall says:

love watching your channel thanks hope you continue … KathysWorld Overall

Veronica Williams says:

My grandson and I got. Up coming project to do this but now the snow is out so I guess when it get warm we can he help to do so.

Taki B says:

Love the video. New subbie and find all your videos have informative content. Quick question regarding using wood. I live in an area where termites are a big issue. Has anyone found that to be a problem using untreated wood and if so any suggestions on remedies? Thanks

BIGdook says:

use an impact driver to skip the pre drilling.

coffenut kitty says:

im 11 and i want to start a garden i will ask my parents can we build this your way

Kat Natural says:

Awesome video, I’m a first time gardener and your video is simply amazing. I have a question, what do i place on the bottom of my raised bed? any recommendations.

Garden All Plants says:

i don’t see why you would go through the trouble to have it deteriorate in 3 years.

heavensdoor19 says:

Wow this was great. You have very clear instructions and break down of exactly what to do and expect. Thank you for posting this. I will be subscribing to your channel because this was such a great video. I have always wanted to build a raised garden but always felt intimidated. After watching this I feel I can do it. Thank you!

Christopher V. Pepe says:

Great how to video. You get to the point without making it into a reality show. Thank you!

ullo says:

Good Job! Excellent

Katherine Allen says:


Richard Carroll says:

so hot watching you DIY

Bjroxx says:

i need the price for wood

Ball Joppys says:

Thank you this video was very helpful

Taryn Dryfhout says:

What an awesome video. Super clear for those of us who need the “idiots guide”! Thanks x

Rebecca Smith says:

What does WTB stand for on your wrist? I’m just curious I noticed it when you were making your garden beds. And thank you so much for info. I was thinking about using pressure treated but after just listening to your reasoning it’s just safer and makes sense to use non-pressure treated and if I can build them for around this cost it’s totally doable. I subscribed. 🙂

Veronica Williams says:

I’m so excited thank you I got wood I got to take apart I found it in good shape by my dumpster clean the nails is in that woo very strong trying to find a way to get it out without damaging my wood thank you much.

Rayva Corral says:


Carl Ruffier says:

You should make one with your garden growing and your soil recipe.

Paul Meyer says:

Thank you very much! I am not particularly crafty, but with the help of your video, I have two raised fall gardens going and will soon be harvesting tomatoes. Really helpful for someone like me to have a really clear and specific presentation.

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