Herb Garden Tour + DIY Garden Starting Ideas

Hey! I’ve had a bunch of requests to share what we do with our garden, so I wanted to share. =) As far as the DIY’s, I will keep you updated on how they go.. =) Transplanting is the easiest way to go, but if you nail seed starting, it can be a great way to start a garden also. =)

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Jessica Alegria says:

Love love loved this video

aseel Bukhari says:

I really love how amazing your channel is

Ayesha Irfan says:

more videos on this topic pls, i loveeeed this

Erica Goehring says:

Loved this!!

Kristina Rochford says:

I just got a lemon tree, because the weather hasn’t warmed up I am keeping it inside. When should I repot the tree into something bigger?

mylifeaspalak says:

I have also tip be in touch with a professional Gardner and call them in 2 months or when season is changing they will give you some tips and also take care of them and will add manure

Samantha Hart says:

Can you please update us!!!!

Jenny Taylor says:

Loved it, Rachel!

whatislovej316 says:

Hi Rachel for the little seed starters that you mentioned how often does it need to be watered ?

ptcruiser2009 says:

More garden videos, please!!

Gina Griffin says:

Would LOVE more of these videos. I’ve just added to my herb garden as well. Also, I’m SUPER curious to see how the seed pods did. 🙂

Anna Burke says:

You’re pretty sharp! Most people don’t know about neem.

Musfirat Hasan says:

You inspired me to start gardening seriously !!! Wanna see more!

loversfire says:

I loved this video but ever since I was a little girl and had to do the papier-mâché it grossed me out. I can’t stand the feeling of wet newspaper the look of it. It wigs me out. Lol. Loved the bideycant wait to start my garden

Gabriela Zamora says:

I really enjoyed this video! We just bought a house so we are starting to garden. Thank you! It was very helpful!

Hey Guys It's Hami says:

plzz do more

Courtney Powell says:

Great tips! I would love more videos on your garden maybe recipes too

Cristina Rose says:

by far my favorite video you have done! i love plants 🙂

Innah Kostova says:

I loved this, I will be moving soon and finally I get to have a balcony so that I can have a mini garden of mint and basil <3

Laila Cox says:

Love this video. I’m a beginner gardener and found this very helpful. Would
Like to see more please

Hailee Rea says:

Hi Rachel! I love that you did this video! I was wondering if you had any recommendations for growing herbs in a small apartment? My front door is a pretty small porch and gets a fair amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Hugrún Britta Kjartansdóttir says:

I recomend spritzing your plants in the evening when the sun sets because when sun hits the waterdrops they tend to burn the leaves. Love your videos <3

Francescadbg says:

Would love to see what happened after the seeds have sprouted…..

Amanda Hengstenberger says:

Random question. Please help!!!! I saw a IG story a little while ago that you had a planner giveaway. Not sure what is?! Please help!!!

Tasfia Tahsin says:

Do you live in florida?

Silvia Lok says:

You are right, Rachel. The more you pick, the more they grow. Because when you pick the top part of a plant, this action will activate them to grow more branches and be more luxuriant, so pick them frequently if you don’t want them just being tall. : )

Elisa M says:

You’re awesome Rachel!! Can we be BESTIES? lol. I don’t have a green thumb but you make me want to grow my own herbs.
I love herbs and use them frequently..this will save quite a bit of money. Thank you Rachel <3

gwen eslinger says:

Just lovely. Oregano and mint will take over in a heartbeat! At least in my garden! Ha

Elysse Henderson says:

Love this video! I’ve heard for transplanting it’s good to break up the root ball a little bit.

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