easy diy No Dig Border

How to create a long lasting, attractive landscaping edge without digging.

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hustledude says:

Only thing I don’t like is its too permanent, you’re basically locking in the size of your flower beds for life. As an avid gardener I’m always adding new beds or increasing the size of my existing beds so this wouldn’t work for me, but I guess it’s good for those people who just want to set it and forget it.

All Seasons Landscaping Services says:

Great Video. Love Landscaping Videos.

shelly Babcock says:

Thank-you for the great idea! just what I need!

Trish Pipkins says:

This is so awesome! My husband and I just moved into a house and the edging wasn’t done right in a couple spots. It’s really bugging me and now I now exactly how to make it perfect! So easy!

Brett Roberts says:

great video macpatch67. just what i needed to help me in my garden. just a quick question was thinking of doing this idea to border of my garden for kids jungle gym area. how strong are the border bricks after setting. just worried about movement after kids have stepped on them a few time. cheers matey.

Peggy NO says:

Love this easy idea. How would you create a double row of pavers on top of that one?

Woodlynn Red says:

very good video. loved how you did this. 🙂

SuperWintry says:

what is your tip in using stone as grown cover for front yard garden? thanks

star999nine says:

But since the cement is entirely above ground, wouldn’t it crack a lot in winter, making it possible for some of the stones to dislodge?

Alec Prister says:

It’s been about 2 years since the video was published. Just curious how the border kept its shape. Does it still look good?

Jennifer Andreisen says:

Thank You. I love this idea no concrete mixing mess.

Benjamin Dail says:

For someone who wants to learn more about doing this who knows absolutely nothing are there any other videos or books you can recommend?

Miranda Wilson says:

Do you use a level when smoothing out the concrete mix?

Miles Away says:

Hmm. That would work perfect for my field stone borders. No more weeds between the rocks! Great tip!

bowenfarm1 says:

This is a great idea for some places in my flower garden where stones don’t stay or roll out of place 🙂

Page Nix says:

Great video. I like this method. I only wish the black plastic border and concrete base weren’t visible in the final product.

Bill Ricke says:

So is there ever a situation where you need to remove any topsoil? Or do you always let the concrete do the work? Would this method work for placing stepping stones in a grass yard?

Keith Moore says:

Looks very nice, I was looking for iseas and this was just what I was looking for, I am in Michigan so our temps are more harsh then yours in Nashville so Id be concerned the frost may heave the rocks and using mortar it would be much harder to repair. Anyone in the north experience this? Also, do you recall the cost of those bricks?

Phil Ramos says:

Don’t you have to mix the cement before laying it down? And if your yard has a lot of sand what’s the best soil to use I’m in central Florida

dobermanmom1 says:

what prevents the soil from running out in between the bricks and on to the grass?

Teresa McLaughlin Mulligan says:

Thanks, neat idea!!! Do you think this approach would work to make a gravel walkway? In other words, build 2 no dig parallel borders and put gravel in-between?

Arthur Moore says:

Ok what did you do first the siding or did you plant the shrubs and plants and the mulch first

Usomex Martin says:

its beautiful thanks for sharing

Jolanda Tribble says:

Have you tried adding a second layer of stone pavers?

Moh'd Mu'taz Atieh says:

great idea! Do I need to remove the grass first ?

Cathy Patterson says:

You make it look easy! Fabulous video! Thank you!

Paul Parente says:

Where did you get the blocks? They look man-made but still very nice.

Hear Puoy says:

What happen to the black rubber edge after you set the concrete? Do I remove it or leave it there with the bricks?

donald lambert says:

I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to post video. I used the border to keep the grass from spilling over into into the the garden. Very reasonably cost solution, and looks pretty nice too.

Chris P says:

Few Comments from my observation: great idea BYW. 1. Referring to a few comments I read asking about a rear edging: Putting a flexible edge on the back side would not only help with leveling, but you could stretch cement further by eliminating all the excess shown on the back/garden side.2. Isn’t there some concrete that doesn’t get set because it is under the stone?3. When you have to make two trips to the customer anyway, why not level your concrete and set it thoroughly the first day, and come back the next to set the stone. 4. Referring to comments about the plastic edging showing once complete: Perhaps when you set the stone, slightly hang them over the front/show side edging to conceal the plastic.

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