Easy DIY herb garden. You can make this planter in an afternoon.

This upright kitchen garden is perfect for small spaces. I designed it to be easy to build in a small space, with a limited budget, and with limited tools. All you need to construct it is a saw, a drill, and some wood.

Free plans and more info on this project:

How to make the rustic sign:

How do you pronounce herb? Herb vs. ‘Erb on my other channel:

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julio cesar carvalho says:


Steve Saxton-Owen says:

Hi Steve. Really enjoy the chanel. Clicked on the link for the plans but I get a 404 error. Are they available anywhere else please?

Adrian Paiva says:

This is really cool, but I would make more room for the plants to grow, plants going to get root bound quick and dry out fast.

David Cowan says:
Chloe Alix says:

I’m sure you have a very happy wife 🙂

Tyler Klick says:

hey awesome planter but no plans on site…would love to get these plans

Damien Black says:

dude, you’re so cool!  you create these simple to make, yet useful and nice looking projects.  Also, you explain things so well with humor.  good job my man, good job!

Maggie Galipeau says:

Wonderful project. Hated the music 

UltimatePayen says:

I would have liked to see how you bolted this to your concrete wall.

igounfazed says:

Without the plants, I think your project would make a good headboard. Add some lighting in the top “potters” and some lift up covers for the bottom “potters” to use as storage… Boom: great bed headboard!

Mark Gaber says:

You should make more projects that requires using only a jigsaw or circular saw

Dod Halabi says:

I love it awesome…

Jake Townsend says:


OnedayataTime says:

Great idea and you are very good at explaining.

enticed2zeitgeist says:

Aren’t you concerned your deck stain will leach toxic chemicals into your food? Other than that, sweet project.

Abdullah Ba-zyad says:


PickerNation says:

just wandering about the chemicals in the stain,,,  kinda fights the idea of organic herbs…  but very cool design

Ed Charles says:

should have used pressure treated wood

Ann Treger says:

Well done sir.

Famous Custom Guitars says:

“Herbes pour la cuisine” ? You speak French ?! 😀

Josh Ross says:


Edmund Barry says:




Marina Reyes says:

why clamp Thu wood?

moozeemoose says:

cool! do you add some sort of ligning on the inside of the planters to prevent wood from rotting? is the rotting concern even significant?

SNazarene G says:

This will be my first project after I am done with the current one. Thanks Steve

elyyfz450 says:

What a great job Steve. I live in a town house and wanted to make some kind of wall on the deck. Do you have any ideas? The section I want to block is 6′ by 6′ thanks.

rilez52 says:

what kind of wood did you use for this or what kind of wood would (lol wood would) you suggest to use on a planter box i thinking of making for vegetables

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