DIY Yard/Garden/Wedding Pergola

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This pergola was built entirely from 2×4, 2×6, and 4×4 framing lumber. It also only takes a few tools to build, which makes it a very approachable project. I built it for a wedding but I could totally see this living in someone’s back yard, just scrap the bottom runners and embed the posts in concrete or fasten them to some post brackets in the ground.

■ Full build article:
■ Plans:

Build Tools
– Miter saw:
– Tape measure:
– Table saw:
– Block plane:
– Framing square:
– Circular saw:
– Hammer:
– Chisel:
– Drill press:
– Forstner bit:
– Saw horses:
– Random orbital sander:

Assembly Tools
– Step platform:
– Impact driver (or drill):
– Insty-drive drill bit set:
– Rubber mallet:


Plans, stickers, t-shirts, etc:

\\ MUSIC \\
■ Martin Carlberg – El Olor De Los Andes
■ Blue Wednesday – Nectar


Jason Brundage says:

Beautiful design, not enough fart sounds for me. John Cena vs. Kurt Angle rap battle?

Stizzer123 says:

Editing. On. Point

uKNOWuLIKE that says:

nice trick with the skil saw, after the fart sound I looked at your ankles, just in case

Tudo De Paletes / all pallet / Waldênia says:

Tua fã! Hahahah

BlackCat2 says:

That came out sweet! I need to work on how my brain sees words though. 😛 I read it as “welding pergola” and then I was like hmmm he isn’t welding. 😛 If I made something like that I would make it longer so it could cover my van since I don’t have a garage. 🙂 I would also cement it into the ground in the driveway as well. Not the most practical thing I suppose but I live for the impractical. 😛 – Heidi

ManCraftingTM says:

Awesome job! I ❤️ you Paul and can’t wait to see you and Pat next month. Poor Jamie.

Eddie Espinosa says:

You the man!

Rogério Prates says:

Sensational … congratulations … your projects are inspirations for me in Brazil

YouCanMakeThisToo says:

Looks like it could be a boat lift for your yacht.

Keith Decent says:

2:52 did anyone see that duck run by?

Justin Levine says:

looks great! cant wait to see updates on the new dc shop!

Opa's Workshop says:

Nice job Paul turned out great.

Seth Galitzer says:

Nice chuppa. Mazel tov!

David Boardman says:

Come on bro its 2017 muscle up or nothing… 😉

/ _DimaK_ says:

Лайк, мне понравилось)

Justin Bayer says:

I’d like to build this as a Sukkah for a friend. Should I get treated pine, reg pine or douglas fir? I’m only asking because it looks like you used douglas fir and pine. I’m asking about the treated stuff since it will be outside (obviously). Thanks for the video and plans!

MamboTek says:

I’m glad that you had an extra pair of hands during the dry-fit, really helps to speed things up….

Bryce Roebel says:

That’s a beautiful project. The fact that you were part of their wedding is amazing.

Tjalling says:

Did they re-stain/paint the pergola or does it just seem that way from the photos?

Le PicBois says:

Cool man! You got some great skills! 🙂

MachTwo57 says:

You could have repeated that scene a few more times and done a few more pull-ups, just sayin. Thumbs up!

Siran N Carlos Ward says:

3 4 5 …oh yeah square….

Robin Coomans says:

Love it!! great edit as well 🙂

Maria H says:

Fab. Definitely going to make this myself. Feeling inspired:-)

CanadianParamedic says:

I remember hearing that you should not buy 8′ 4×4’s because they come from the center of the tree and are way more likely to twist. You’re better off buying 10’ers. Has anyone else heard this?

Jackman Works says:

If you’re interested in building this yourself, grab the PLANS here:
Read the full build article here:

Ted Alexander says:

I like this one a lot!

Samuel Roberts says:

Pretty cool

Brian Connaway says:

That’s awesome! How did you get connected to build that piece for Harrison Barnes’ wedding?

jp woodwork says:

return of fart noise YAY 🙂 great work Mr Jackman

Matt Thayer says:

Am I famous now that I got a mention in a Paul Jackman video? RE-SUBSCRIBED

Eric Dommer says:

I thought you were moving to Maryland?

The Wood Lab says:

Came out great, well done Paul! – Jim

Glynn Zitkus says:

Lost footage from the old workshop???….lol….love it….love the music as usual!!!…love the finish you put on it!!!

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