DIY White Hanging Flower Garden Nails | Vintage Nail Art Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: Share with me on IG: Here is a Beautiful antique hanging flower garden nail design that is easy and so elegant! It will go with anything and perfect for prom nail art or any spring wedding nails! Done for weddings or anytime you want a neutral nail design with white flowers. Its a vintage hand painted Nail design for beginner nail artists to advanced career nail techs who want more nail art education! Please SUBSCRIBE & Follow my DIY Nail Art Freehand Painted Designs for those seeking to take their nail art to the next level! Learn how to use nailart tools and master nails using inexpensive materials. Make extra money by picking up techniques with no tools at all and keep the knowledge with you always! No one can ever take your knowledge from you! Try one video at a time!!! DONT GIVE UP and have fun painting! For those who actually read this!

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I do designs to give you ideas to 1. Get you started in a real nail salon environment 2. Keep you inspired if you are down and have no ideas at work and need them fast! 3. Inspire you to keep going in new directions and laugh with me if you are a master. I never stop learning and vow to keep giving designs to the world so I can feel proud of my life.

What is important to me:

Nail art is something seemingly small but a huge positive in our world. This career is magical one for those who work hard and find the key I talk about all the time. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life and you are creative and want to be challenged, handpainted nail art will give you an outlet to do something very rewarding and it really did save me.
We must stand together as freehand nail artists and share openly. As a pioneer of hand painted nail art, I know you have to be strong to do this as a job. All I ask is to say #inspiredbyrobinmoses if you copy my work. My reward is knowing I am finding and teaching this craft to whoever I can that do not have mentors. I want to help them and others who are searching! On Youtube, our work gets taken a lot by companies. My heart has been broken by this. It ALL can stop by saying who inspires you when you copy and openly sharing!

IF YOU ARE A BIG CHANNEL OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS……. Please show them this letter and we will grow and feel proud together. This is my entire lifes work and I gladly give it to those who want to learn but I need help and cannot do it without you, so let’s do this thing!!!!

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jetson10100 says:

You’re right, I’m watching lol love it!

Kathy Smith says:

so gorgeous!! the background noise isn’t bad at all.

Fran Maria says:

lindas demais.

Jennifer Bond says:

crazy butt dont melt. girl where’s your wall? Do you having anything for a rustic western wedding?

Creativemadness13 says:

Those are beautiful, I love the trick with the glitter, thanks that’s a great idea!!!

Leslie Cooper says:

Robin, your art work is so inspirational. As a nail tech and nail artist for over 30yrs I’m still learning. We all have things to learn and to teach. It is artist like you that make this career fun and ever changing. Your ideas and tutorials are a gift you share to which much credit should be given. It’s easy…. Inspired by Robin Moses ! Thank you for all you share.

HopeScore says:

странно смотреть, на ногти без маникюра рисуют цветочки??

AngelsHeavenlyNailz says:

Gorgeous…Oh I love this!

JayKB says:

Ummm… Either this is a repeat or I am in some other dimension… smiles! Sunshine is eating her breakfast right now, so I am playing this on its absolute lowest volume. Since she takes forever to eat, I’m okay. For now. I hope you got the pic of her staring me down until she gets me to play her morning “Robin video.”. She is the strangest eater! One kibble at a time… which she takes out of her bowl, takes into the living room. places it onto the carpet, then, after examining it for whatever reason her little doggie brain does anything, she will slowly eat it. Then for a repeat… And such is mealtime for her. Unless there’s people food mixed in! Then it’s, how fast can she inhale it??? Hope you had a great weekend, and a good week ahead! Luv and doggie kisses your way!

HayleyDaily says:

so artsy. you’re so talented

lily Barr says:


Susan Gent says:

so pretty and so classy and as you said great for any nail length xxx

Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl says:

amazing nail art

Terry says:

I loooove this flowers with neutral colours..I think it’s so elegant and delicate and yes,even for short nails.U’re fantastic my dear xoxoxo

Clochette 01 says:

Amazing like usual ! Thanks a lot dear :,)

Shonda Edwards says:

I received ur brushes Sat and am so excited to get to use them. love these nails..

barbiekaur85 says:

awesome… robin… each time u surprise us

kimberly lootawan says:

Loving this nail art

Lizette Gabriela Sanchez Gabriela says:

me encantan todos sus diseños lo malo q no esta e español pero con lo q voy viendo cómo lo hace ya me guió y lo hago

michelle weiss says:

I love these so much. Can’t wait to try then and show you!!

libertadmakeup says:

I can’t ear any noise. I just can see the beautiful nail tutorial you do.

Janette Vega-Neese says:

So Beautiful. Totally love this style of nail art.

maricel de_borja says:


A Red Spark says:

You could just draw 2 dots and it wouls still look like goddess nails, amazing.

April Mckenzie says:


Victoria Miller says:

love this nail big hugs Love my brushes thanks robin

Abigail Kaya says:

amazing desings, so loving all of ur nail designs Robin, the colours makes it look soooo real

Sara Sturgill says:

Love this!!! Gorgeous!!! Love you!!! Miss you!!! I don’t think my little one is ever going to give me alone time so I can watch my Robin Moses videos! Lol!!! I’m playing catch up girl!!! Big hugs!!!

Robin Moses Nail Art says:

My wall is up! the floor is half in and I had to share this. All things come to pass 😀

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