DIY Vertical Herb Garden Planter Box

This is the first in a series of outdoor projects I’ll be doing in the coming weeks. I’ll post running updates on simply easy to let you know how this is holding up.

Going vertical is the natural progression for most people that start a garden and find they never have enough space for all their gardening needs. I started out with one 4×8 raised garden bed and before long built a second one. Raised garden beds number 3, 4 and 5 came not long after the first two. Then I realized that if I wanted to add any more I was going to have to start putting them out into the open yard space that I wanted to keep reserved for the kids to play in. I think its important for children to have a large open area to play, skip and run. Maybe toss a ball around with dad or play a game of pickle. So I did not want to add any more garden beds. This left me trying to find new ways to get more production out the space we already had. Their is one bed that we kept a lot of our herbs in and I had the thought that if I could free up that space by putting the herbs in containers and placing them on the back patio just outside the back door. We could free up some space for more food production. However, I did not like the look of a lot of containers just sitting around the back patio. I thought about building a shelving unit so we could put all the containers in one spot. I finally decided on a hybrid style shelf slash planter box.

I also wanted to be able to move it around the back patio with ease. So I decided to place the whole unit on a frame with 3″ locking casters. That worked out better than I had hoped. I can position the vertical herb garden planter box facing north and south. One side can be for sun loving herbs and the other can be for shade loving herbs. I can also place all sun loving plants on both sides and face the unit east and west. We can roll the unit closer to the door at meal time so that we can harvest what we need for a recipe without having to walk all the way out to the garden. Conversely we can roll the vertical herb garden planter box further away from the house during a rain storm so that it can get more rain than it would closer to the house.

I made my vertical herb garden planter box out of scrap pine that I had sitting in the garage left over from previous projects. You could very easily purchase cedar, cypress or some other weather resistant species of wood to make this vertical herb garden planter box and it would last for decades to come with little worry.

I also made it so that if any part of the vertical herb garden planter box needs replacing I can just remove the screws and replace with another piece of scrap that I have laying around at the time. As a woodworker I’ll probably be tripping over potential spare parts for it.

I would also like to announce the launch of my second YouTube Channel called Simply Easy Homesteading:

If you enjoy the video format I feature here on my main channel along with my sometimes quirky sense of humor and you like all things DIY. Then you will enjoy Simply Easy Homesteading. Granted the channel page is still under construction.

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Bennetts74 says:

Great job keep the videos coming


I really like your project, that being said, I really don’t like vids that use many tools… especially a miter saw (yes, I SOOO want one)… but most of us novices, do not own one… love the FREE, it’s my favorite price (I was pulling apart pallets today matter of fact : ) HALLALUJAH TO THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, JESUS CHRIST

Captain Ron says:

Nicely done! This will be perfect for my small deck, right off the kitchen. And I love the casters but will ensure to get ones that lock as we get high winds here on occasion. As for watering, I can see that plants would dry out quickly so I’ll add a drip system (which I already have in my 9 raised beds). Those drip systems are easy to set up (and relatively cheap). Thanks for the ideas.

Itsa Farce says:

I made basically the same thing but used cedar fence slats. Been using it for 5 or 6 years now and its still going strong.

Nyxee says:

0:08 ………..and women too!

Tommi Martinez says:

Amazing really looking forward to doing this.

Bobbi Meyer says:

great video…excellent sound, if you don’t mind me asking what mic setup you use?

Lord Kittens McTavish says:

I love the transition from you using the circular saw to the shot with your band-aid covered finger. 

Jonathan Dunham says:

Mr. Sullivan. Appreciate you making these videos. I’ve already made a few cedar planters from your series. Looks great on my deck. My question is mainly about how this planter works out. It looks nice. What sort of yield do you get from it? Are there any changes to the design you might make after putting it in use?

Amjath Jayakumar says:

What is the base you are using with the skill saw?

The Witty Writer says:

This is perfect. I was looking for something I can build for my grandmother’s garden.

Silvaraci Designer - USA says:

Nice job! Stan

Alexander Belov says:

I would like to translate and to voice your videos (5-7 videos)

And use for commercial use on one of my channels.
I promise to add a links to the original video and your channel in description translated video

Can I have your permission??

Speedy's Woodshop says:

Great project!!!

Ikbal Abulnabi says:

You r good people , in your free time , u do many good things opposit to our men , in their free time , they think to marry another women (second wives ) !!!!!!!!!!!!

neild169 says:

This is brilliant Stan, ill build one this winter but without the wheels because the UK is not as level as they make it out to be. Thanks for posting

Yonatan Conde says:

Congrats!! Excellent Project

Doogy Dog says:


The Witty Writer says:

I’m a subscriber now.

Steve Smith says:

How arer the herbs growing in the planter? Are they deep enough that they don’t dry out too quickly? Now that you have had some experience with it. I’m just wondering how it’s turning out.

xxdjcharlierockxx says:

nicely done i like it

Alcindo Nascimento says:

Parabéns, ótimo trabalho!!! Simples e eficiente. Deus te abençoe!!!!

britishav8tor75 says:

My favorite line was “with that said about cedar …I’m making this out of pine!” – as will I, your project has inspired me to build one similar … Also out of pine 🙂

Ritta Slusher says:

have you tried rubberized paint on the bottom of anything that set
s on the ground?

vakevol says:

I would love to do this I just dont have the equipment and I suck at wood work! 😛

Rich Taylor says:

Your style is very DIY’er friendly. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I also like how you’re not self conscious about using tools that aren’t “top shelf”. It adds to the welcoming feeling for the DIY’er that might feel incapable of doing a project because he/she doesn’t have a $600 chop saw. 


Lovely vertical garden. thanks for sharing

bluewiz79 says:

I’m an agr. engineer and I say onething: excellent work 🙂 It is an sample of Urban Farming. additionally your hands very effective on tools 🙂 “Afiyet olsun”

Kyle Peng says:

I live in a desert…..

I’m sad

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