DIY Vertical Garden Planter

A vertical garden planter box. Vertical gardening makes a lot of sense in more than one way. Small spaces is something a lot of us can relate with because it hits close to home. If you live in a condo or an apartment with a small balcony or patio, you can still garden. Simply do it vertically.

For some gardeners, just the idea of caring for many different types of plants over a large area in their yard can be tiring.
With vertical gardens, you can reign in your plants into a smaller, easier to care for area, while still keeping plant diversity.
Another advantage of establishing a vertical garden is it allows you to experiment growing different types of plants without the
need to dig up a larger portion of your yard or garden.

This vertical garden planter is small enough to fit on a small balcony or patio and will fit through a standard size door way.
The planter boxes are a size that makes them perfect for picking up and moving from an outdoor setting to an indoor setting depending on the weather. The only additional parts needed to do so would be the inclusion of a bottom for the base unit. Simple and easy! Nice.

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I would like to say thank you to Julianne from DirtPatcHeaven for her efforts in helping with this project. She provided some wonderful insights that helped improve the design of this vertical garden planter.

Thanks Julianne. Visit her at Dirtpatcheaven channel:

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streetfiremkv12 says:

good video. sidebar, are you in the army?

DonDomel says:

is there a movie with this great chicken house?

Morning Glory Garden says:

I love the design of those planter boxes. Very pretty.

Keith says:

Love your work Stan thanks for sharing this

Organic Gringo says:

This is great stuff! Love your videos!

getsmartnow2011 says:

just seen the shout out from dirtpatchheaven, about you so stopped by to check out your channel. I like it 🙂 so I subscribed.

Deep South Homestead says:

Great video Stan for people with limited space or toxic soil.

Stephen Simpson says:

awesome video but you had me with the KC shirt go Chiefs

Moby Dave says:

Hey I came over from DirtPatchHeavens channel to lurk a bit.  Really like the verticle planter.. liked and shared also subbed.

CuteSeamus says:

i know prices vary according to what material you buy and whats on sale… but speaking of ballpark figures… how much was this to make… you solved a problem i was having with my limited space issue… and will need to make several vertical planters… just trying to get an idea of budget vs quantity of planters…

The Bored Show says:

Stan your the Man! If you check out my channel you can see that my garden is limited on space so these are great ideas! Thanks


Stan, you are an efficiency master. Thank you for such well thought out easy to follow projects. This planter is great and would make a wonderful ‘railing’ for a patio/deck. Julianne sent me. Hi.

Jp's Custom Woodworking says:

Nice planters Stan, they turned out real nice. >:)…JP

Solly Outdoors says:

wish i had seen this earlier this year. but now i have a project to start for next year. (plants are started in other planters this year already). love your channel. 🙂 have you ever made your own planter for potatoes? i didn’t check all your videos yet. &thats one project i need to try with all the potatoes we go through.

Scrap wood City says:

Cool and simple project! Spring time is coming we should spend some time on garden projects! Thanks for sharing!

DonDomel says:

without protection water will kill this wood in one season of gardening

Megan Mumaw says:

I’d give this two thumbs up if I could

Chuck Mardon says:

nice build, gives me (the Wife) something do do

nery colon 1 says:

That was great. You made it look so easy. Loved and Subbed.

Mats Turnings says:

Nice project I used to have chicken n rabbits n I used to make all the hutches and coops n runs but that’s a nice coop my friend

ellen fisher says:

Great video. Found you thru Dirtpatchheaven & look forward to seeing much more of you. I love my container gardens, but sometimes struggle with them drying out. Do you have any tips?

yannikin says:

This guy is so manly. Everything that he does.

Cody Taber says:

Great build. On my list for spring.

chloejpb says:

this is just amazing.. only if it was easy the way you did it appear..

Rock Mon says:

You should try buckets

Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby says:

Great design! I love how you can replace parts by taking out screws as needed. You have a very good point that your boxes will need to be repaired over time. New sub look forward to seeing more of your videos!

ItsyFarm says:

Great, easy project Stan. I like the way you think and I like your video style. You have a new subscriber.

Dirtpatcheaven says:

Love this video! I wish all my coops and hutches were as pretty as the ones you make!

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