DIY Solar Water Fountain Candle Stick / Bowl Sun Powered Birdbath Garden Pond Attracting Birds

Goodwill Finds to make Water fountain to bring in the wild birds into your vegetable garden to control the insects for you to keep it all organic. This cute set-up cost me $10 for the solar pump and $4 for the bowl and candle stick. Now it will run when the sun is out.

This is the company I just bought 10 more of these pumps from, they are in the USA, so shipping is quick in the US,


Rita Matteson says:

Oh Robbie, I love this! I have a lot of galvanized and enamelware junk that would be perfect for those pumps.

Satabra says:

I just love your ideas and demonstrations. Very inspiring!

Jodie Thuy says:

Very cute bird bath Robbie

Myste Pedals says:

what a great idea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im looking already for one, lol

Olivia Hill says:

Can you please tell me where you got the solar panel and the pump.

moppbilltedd says:

What size is the vinyl tubing? I’d like to buy some online (can’t go to the store since there is none nearby). Thanks.

Phillip Drake says:

Nice birdbath! I am going to order the pump kit and make a hummer bath.

Kat says:

I want one!!!!!

Anne Hjulmand says:

Awesome! Thank you !

Wanda Duckworth says:

Where are you buying the solar pumps please ?

N Smith says:

Yay! Very cute and creative. Love projects like this – cheap, easy, quick and the results are so rewarding. One of a kind and as unique as you are! (meant as a compliment :)) Thanks for sharing!

Ree's Purpose says:

Your channel is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Jim Battaglia says:

Nice video. Where do you get your solar fountain pump

Xochitl Bynum says:

Wow! You rock!!

Karin Brown says:

I love it! Your such a hunk of positivity…….hahaha.
I’m always a little more happy after watching you and your husband.
I think I’m gonna invest in some solar pumps and take some thrift shop tours!

Edie Boudreau says:

Good idea.

Garden love says:

Great tutorial! Thanks

Gung Ho says:

That is so cute!

Well Prepped Pantry says:

Crazy cute Robbie!

luckychicav says:

Wow, that’s beautiful Robbie. I actually bought a pump not too long ago after watching one of your other videos. I really need to go look for for a bowl to get mine going. Thank you!!

Helena Salin says:

What a great idea, you’re so talented.

marc deglin says:

i’ve bought 2 sets of pumps , and transformed mij electric pumps to solar. works so good , i’ve ordered 3 more : i have the idea of a coffee-pot and a coffee-cup in a large planterdish , so i get a pouring coffee-pot.

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