DIY RAINBOW ZEN GARDEN!! Relaxing Crafting Tutorial with Crystal Slime Pool, Holo Moon & MORE!

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DIY zen gardens are surprisingly entertaining to make! Similar to dollhouse tutorials, they contain many smaller projects wrapped into one theme. You can also make them as easy or as complicated as you like. Everything in this video is suitable for beginners and you’ll get a really adorable rainbow fantasy land. I recommend using a small gift box lid as the base since this uses less sand and you can refill the garden more often. This is a really good DIY for stress or anxiety relief. And of course, you don’t have to make EVERYTHING. If you collect squishies, dolls or figurines then you can create a small garden for your existing toys.

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Colorful Craft Sand:
Chinchilla/Hamster Sand: (Use paint, food coloring or pigments to add colour)
White Felt Fabric:
Air Dry Clay:,,
White Glue:
Shaving Cream:
Clear Slime Cups (4 or 5.5oz) :
Daiso Clay:,

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Marie Caron says:

You should of refilmed this instead of just translating it, the overall outcome is not as great as what you make, would of preferred seeing your execution on it.

kogan cames says:

Sorry but this doesn’t look the best tbh

Erin Mckee says:

I love you this was so cool and adorable

Llama Love says:

I’m not trying to be rude I absolutely love your channel but I do very beginning when I was showing the moon and the stars I want to little bit sloppy but I mean I couldn’t do better I suck

Gold says:

Finally she made a diy that’s not slime

Marisa Favela says:


Xx_Shadow Slayer_xX says:

This is probably my favorite DIY besides your felted animals you’ve done when you started YouTube.

Jessica Tsui says:

German Starbucks lids are clear!?

Sara G.B. says:

I loveddd this diy, the simplicity and playfulness of it. And even though I’m not a rainbow person myself I definitely feel like doing this. But is it you doing the crafts in this video??? Idk it seems as it was someone else

Hopefull Flower says:


Darlene Luong says:

Ok. I understand everyone who are giving their opinions on the DIYs quality, and I agree. It’s not the best, but do know that JOANNA DIDNT MAKE THIS. Joanna only voiced over for the German channel’s video. Lisa from the German channel did the DIY. And besides, you shouldn’t start comparing the work to a little child’s artwork. Comparing the crafts against each other IS considered criticism to me. I just dislike the sight of people thinking Joanna didn’t do her best or even doubting Lisa. They both work hard to upload videos for us to entertain or inform. Don’t start comparing the work to little children’s artwork, that can hurt someone’s feelings. The quality isn’t the best, but maybe they were in a rush and needed to upload something quick due to their schedule. Just to let you guys know. ( NO HATE TO ANYONE) ❤️ I Love you Joanna and Lisa !

Crafts4Dolls ! says:

No offense to Lisa, but I really think you could have done better. I can see this is done very poorly. Unimpressed☹️

gina vendetti says:

love it

Marzieh Ghodsi says:

The part that Lisa was filling the garden with colorful sand was so satisfying and relaxing

Artbug says:

You should start a kickstarter to get you some real scissors

The Unicorn says:

Can you make DIY necklaces??

Zoe Creates says:

Ware are not going on this one but it’s a awesome video
Sorry English is hard

ali art awesomeness says:

Love it

Xx Magic xX Sage says:

This was ugly especially for you man. What happened?? Depression? Giving up?

Kaushik Vejju says:


Clever Chamomile says:

The end had me cringing so hard :,)

Stephanie Yu says:

Wow this DIY project is so creative! I’m happy to see this channel has not just one talented woman, but two!

Pysslis says:

Why is she using a nail scissors?

Niamh kenzi says:

Guys stop hating on Lisa. Yes I’ll admit this wasn’t the high standard of Joanna but come on it looks great and so adorable the clouds especially. It doesn’t look like a ten year old made it and if it was a ten year old did make it then wow just keep positive ❤️❤️

Pure Darkness says:


Ruby Smith says:


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