DIY Potting Mix // $10 Garden Series, Season 2 Livestream (replay)

DIY potting mix is easy to make and can save you a ton of money in the garden. I share with you on today’s $10 Garden livestream how to make it with just 5 ingredients.

Supplies used in this video:
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1. $10 Garden Seed Kit & Trifecta+ organic fertilzer:
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3. Coco Coir:

4. Vermiculite:

5. Seedling Pots (made from recycled material)

6. My Amazon Garden Store:

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Starting Seeds Indoors for Your Spring Garden // $10 Garden Series, Season 2:

$10 Garden Series, Season 1:


John Hammond says:

I really enjoy your vids Kim. Keep up the good work and trim those trees before they take over.John in Australia.

T Range says:

Never thought about making my own potting soil. I am definitely going to try this. I enjoyed your seedling video, Mine are still tiny but they are starting to get their 1st set of real tomato leaves.

ThePassionateGardener says:

Awww you guys are ADORABLE! Thank you so much for the shoutout! and great livestream;) LOL! camera guy gets freaked out when I have my bearded dragon on me…;) Have a wonderful day guys!!!

Faiza Nawaz says:

i just reached my office and its so great to start my day with your livestream <3

kenneth R says:

Yes, I love making my own potting mix. I’m so glad I watched.

Superseanbarry says:

Love your show! Might be a good idea to invest in a wireless clip on mic for more consistent audio 😀

A Garden Bounty says:

Cali Kim..other than Nasturtium just being really pretty in the garden and a great attraction for beneficial critters… Do you eat the flowers? ..I bet they’d look really great in a salad.
I’ve gone to a restaurant where they used squash blossom in salads.. very pretty.

Norman Parker says:

Can you use spagnum peat moss instead of the coco coir?

A Garden Bounty says:

Coco coir is awesome!

Bobby Organics The Tattooed Gardener says:

Enjoyed catching you guys live last night thanks from the uk

MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

Gahhhh! I missed it!

Norman Parker says:


kenneth R says:

Hello from Boston.

lynn blevig says:

The most annoying thing about living on the other side of the world is that I always sleep when you decide to live stream. xD

Tina Hartwell says:

hello from west Virginia

Yvencia Simmons says:


Breny P says:

does coco core provide any nutrients for the plants?

LuvCali28 says:

Yay for quitting your job! Everyone looks forward to that day where they can just step out and garden on a cool, sunny morning.

A few crazy livestreams coming up? I hope you two aren’t planning on breaking across the court during any major NBA playoff games. Although I suppose it might attract some subscribers.

chance says:

its ok i did 5o

Ray OfMinneapolis says:

Snow. 16 degrees. All there is to do is drink beer. Please help me! Well, I guess I’m okay. I transplanted a bunch of Aloe Vera today..

PW says:

Hi Camera Guy. Yes! Tell us more – PLEASE.

ZackGamingTv // ZackyYT says:


dave althoff says:

Love your watering can!! Here in Maryland!!!! Take care!!

ohaitherehello1 says:

I would love it if you’d do a more in depth video on cilantro! I have trouble with it every year because it seems like it grows so fast and the leaves get all thin and spindly. I basically just have no idea how to maintain it, or if it’s just supposed to be one of those one shot herbs. Thank you so much for all of your great videos!

Jypsy Dog says:

You forgot to throw in the Fungus Knats!!

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