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My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I’ve worked at for over 10 years.

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Connie Byrd says:

Wow. i love that.. so beautiful. you can do anything. Benjamin was adorable, walking really good

chiqichiqi says:

wouldn’t it have made more sense to drill the holes in the pallets BEFORE laying them on the ground?

P Ward says:

SAFETY ISSUE: Whenever someone uses power tools with lovely long hair, it is crucial to tie it back into a ponytail or a bun. Devastating injuries have occurred when hair gets tangled into the machine.

Versatile Horsemanship LLC says:

That was a fantastic transformation. Thanks for all the great tips!

bluesky7226 says:

So creative!

Noernandez 123 says:


Debbie Snider says:

Your pallet walkway is lovely and I’m going to look into doing this. It looks beachy and I love the ocean, so that’s perfect for me. Thanks for sharing this great idea! 🙂

Nancy Jo says:

So very Cute!! Nice idea for budget walkway. Soft and natural, perfect for curving path.

Dead White Male says:

These are sitting on wet mulch. How long will these last before they rot?

Jody Pharr says:

Great job, love it! What do you do for back pain?

Linda declue. says:

That turned out pretty cool. How’s your back.:)

Rodita Jauslin says:

I love it beauteful

Fabio Leonhardt says:


Sean James Cameron's Diary of a UK Gardener says:

That looks great and it’s given me an idea for a new path I’ll be making in between my new raised beds. Thanks.

J Kelley says:

Love it!

kascia lelonek says:

Best video ecer!

Lizzie Dean Makes says:

Is this a high desert thing? I doubt the wood would survive nestling in the soil here in Britain where it rains all the time – it would just rot away very quickly. Xx

Annette Moulder says:

That area is a fairy garden! Every time I see it, that’s what pops into mind.

grny28 says:

How creative, I love it!!

Sharlene Dauberman says:

Pretty pathway!!!!

puzzlerjo says:

I did the same thing with pallets 4 years ago and was proud of the results for the last few years but this year the elements have more or less consumed my pallets. If I did it again I would lay stone or sand under the boards to allow them to breathe and dry out. The mulch may retain too much moisture. I love the look of this though.

Roxanne Strauss says:

It is so very magical! Love this project, absolutely gorgeous and fun!

Paris Day Teutsch says:

you guys are not coach potatoes!
Kiss Benjamin!
Have a beautiful day!

Rebecca McCoy says:

Laura you are such a badass. I love videos of you using power tools. Maybe because growing up my dad always gave me this weird impression that the tools and hard work is for the guys… but you make me want to learn how to use all the tools in our garage! I’m trying to learn a couple every season.

Mary Martin says:

Love this idea.. thank you for sharing!

Darwin McQuerter says:

Ok, not a big fan of “pallet “ videos and was prepared to say ugly, until it was done and it truly looks good! Just as you wanted whimsical! Fits the area beautifully! Another Awesome project! Great Job! Thanks for sharing

This Smith Life says:

How many pallets did it take to accomplish the walkway?

Rosario Miranda says:

This is exactly what I’m doing to my garden. I thought of doing either pea size rocks or wooden planks. Wooden planks are free versus I’d have to buy the pebbles. My only concern with the project is how long the wood will last vs the rocks but I’m not going to stress over that because as you said it is meant to be a fun and easy project.

Barbara Lindberg says:

Love the simplicity. Reminds me of the boardwalks in Provincial parks and also at the beach. I will do some of these in my backyard put will probably put landscape cloth underneath.

Paul intouch says:

great job

jules wins says:

Did you waterproof the boards? The pallets you get where I live are mostly cottonwood and they’ll rot to nothing in two years tops.

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