DIY Orchid Pot Bird Feeder // Garden Answer

I love how easy this project is! I recommend that you check with your local garden store for the terra cotta saucers and pot (and they’ll most likely have the s-hook and bird seed as well), but in case you have trouble locating any of the supplies, here are links! 🙂 Thanks for watching! ~Laura

Terra Cotta Saucers –
Terra Cotta Orchid Pot –
1/8″ Glass & Tile Drill Bit –
1/8″ braided wire –
Ferrule & stop set –
Hand swaging tool (you can also use a hammer, just lay the ferrule or stop on a really hard surface and smack it with the hammer!) –
Decorative bird for the top (optional) –
S-Hook for hanging –
Bird Seed

Big thank you to Proven Winners for partnering with us on this video!

Music by Joakim Karud

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Zepth Qalev Xanders says:

Such a great idea Laura!

Aathika Murshid says:

It’s so beautiful, please keep it up

Lisa Wrona Maldonado says:

Super cute!

Sara French says:

So cute! Love this 🙂

Green Kitty says:

Aww, it’s so cute!!! Thanks for sharing : )


That’s awesome.

Branka Garcevic says:

b e a u t i f u l

mawpatti says:

What a cute idea~!!

Durkee Kelly says:

Omg!!!!! I just found your channel today and I’ve already watched about 2 dozen videos!

Alison Smith says:

love it, absolutely amazing….I see its still snowing!

Denise Presland says:

Great idea, unfortunately I can’t seem to find the old orchid pot. Most have never heard of it.

Robert Brunston says:

I like the feeder but very people have such a crimper, but paracord will work well, thanks.

Sandra Laplant says:

Love the video Laura!
Did you use the same drill bit for the bird as you did for the saucers?

Faith Less says:


dot thomas says:

LOVE that bird reeder

Lorraine Foust says:

Could you tell me where you got the bird to go on top of your feeder. I have been trying to find one on-line with no luck. Thank you, can’t wait to do this project!

ThePassionateGardener says:

Great idea! thanks for sharing!❤

nay282 says:

That is the cutest it!

Jency Anna Mathew says:


deb souzer says:

Thanks for the morning smile 🙂

David Wilkerson says:

What kind of bit did you use to put the slots in the pot?

Lori Cheatham says:

This is so cute, however the squirrels would devour all the seed in a few minutes in our
yard :'( :-

hanan kamel says:

wow..thank u

Truth 2027 says:


DebbyAbqNM says:

Great idea! The covers should make it difficult for pigeons and doves to get to the seed; they can eat whatever the little birds drop. I sure wish I had a shop full of all those tools here in my apartment. However, I likely can make something similar with pie tins and nylon rope, etc.

David Halm Jr says:

Y’all have some great video editing going on. Keep it up!

Shaun McShea says:

how long is the braided cable you used..?

Alexzandra de la Iglesia says:

That was awesome!

Jackie Binkley says:

Great idea. I’m going to make some of these.

MaryG Orchids says:

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

Gahshunk says:

I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this on The Garden-Roof Coop website

margo phillips says:

Think I will give this a try, thanks

Anderson Del Castillo says:

Wow! so cool 😀

John S says:


Melida Zuniga says:

Love it*

deezie says:

fabulous video, love love love that bird feeder. so easy to make and that bird on top is so cute

Groovy Farm says:

I love this!

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