DIY Mini Cactus Gardens

DIY Mini Cactus Gardens for indoors or outdoors. Cactus and succulents are slow growing and great for adding a splash of greenery to small spaces, windowsills, coffee tables, on a desk or bookshelf. Light requirements can vary depending on the species you choose and the climate you live in, but most will thrive in bright indirect light, filtered sun or morning sun. Other species may require full sun. Cactus and succulents thrive in dry conditions, the fastest way to kill a cactus or any other succulent is by over-watering. So better to error on the dry side… When in doubt, skip watering. Going on a trip? Or forgetful when it comes to caring for plants? No worries… Cactus and succulents do just fine with neglect too.

DIY Cactus/Succulent Potting Soil video




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Nikki The Fox says:

what type of gloves are those?

Mary Stephens says:

i love this video!!

TiggyStardust says:

OMG!!! the second one looks so beautiful. this is a very inspiring video. Thank you for sharing it.

SS SS says:

Nice Indian theme music in the background !

Prioritise Simplicity says:

Help! I noticed that the succulent I have was looking funny (it was not as green as when i got it)the bottom was a yellowish washed out colour coming up the leaves which looked like they were closing in on themselves. When i took out the succulent to re-pot it all except one of the roots broke off. Can it be saved? I made my own mix of gravel and the soil my mother uses for her ‘regular’ plants. I re-potted all of them (i have two cactus as well) in this mix and left them in the sun. Did I do the right thing?

sera says:

I really love how much care and effort you put into all of your videos, especially your plant related ones. There’s so much love for what you do. So many people just churn out videos for views so it’s really nice to see someone with a real passion for what they’re doing.

Gracijela Malisa says:

why not cut off long roots? when it is cut, it becomes firmer and better plant grows.
do the cacti and succulents are not watered a little away from the roots?

Shivali Dave says:

Hi Christine, if I just wanted to make one of these, is it possible to get just a small amount of soil at a garden store? Or do I have to buy a full bag?

MegaChiquita83 says:

no e canso de ver este video y la musica muy relajante 😉

kaely cha says:

hi, I have an echeveria plant which I had thought died due to neglect i guess haha. So i pulled the dying ones off and later on baby echeverias start to grow on the stalk. There are no more main leaves and tons of baby echeverias. I’m not really sure what to do as they are getting bigger with no signs of their own roots. 😐

Mike H says:

I need to DIY this today.

Pt0wN973b0iI says:

Why garden if you are not going to touch the earth’s soil?

Kit Kat says:

hi just wondering….that second container that u used…..the white bowl…….did it have any drainage hole in it. I saw u drilling the holes in the first rectangular pot but u bought the second pot and didnt say whether it had a hole or not ???

terrarium and handmade says:

hey wonderful

Ol Pc says:

I cot nine mini cactuses

Mr. Soles says:


Lyna White says:

I love it !! Please make more of this type ..

Tamaruqui113 says:

How often should you water?

Pt0wN973b0iI says:

Looks better if you place the polished rocks down first, then add the aquarium gravel.

tungshun Wong says:

i wish i could make this for the makerfair but i cant

Linda Ingraham says:

Absolutely beautiful!

Mohssine Benkhadda says:

i hate cactus, but now I’m going to love it more and more, Realy thank you for this

Bossa Cactus : ศูนย์เรียนรู้เรื่องแคคตัสและไม้อวบน้ํา says:

Cute cactus

Dianna Gatlin says:


Alexis Bartsch says:

Love it!! Now I want to make one!!

Leanne Mae Trinidad says:

Please tell me what kind of cactus are they

Kaja Capi says:

this is SOO umique and adorable

MRasuka98 says:

Ups, I should have watched this before repotting my cactus plants, lol

meme soffe says:

ليش تتكلمين بسرعه

Ani Vers says:

love your t-shirt

Tiona Lawrence says:

I have old succulents but I really hated them! Now I am so inspired to make them over in new pots with new soil, thank you so much! I really love seeing you gardening, you seem so relaxed it calms me just by watching!

Lyna White says:

Love it !! Pls make more of this excellent tutorials and more of home decor … More of everything . Thank you

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