DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden- HGTV Handmade

Learn how to grow an herb garden out of mason jars!

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Eyes On Allison says:

Such a cute idea!! I love it!

Annie Someone says:

parsely, sage, rosemary and thyme

Olivia Arenas says:

It doesn’t look like enough space for the herbs…

Omah Pojok says:

thanks for idea 🙂

boop bedoop says:

how do they drain

Zakk A says:

She’s so fine

eduTrac SIS says:

@simpleDIYs, where did you get the deck brackets from?

Madalyn Lipsey says:

you should do more apartment gardening

Steve Mayweather says:


musicismylove92 says:

This is so cool! Now I just need a patio, but someday I’ll get out of the dark apartment life that is early adulthood

Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby says:

Great idea 🙂 Love the setup. New sub can’t wait to see more of your videos.

Question mark says:

I don’t think it is an herb, but I say lavender!!

Joy Alia says:


Sinead Fay says:

we had herb plants but they didn’t survive the winter 🙁 Its okay though cause I have my pet cactus on my window in my room 😀

Pat Robinson says:

i love all the hints and suggestions for growing herbs thanks SO MUCH XXX

Colin Lombardoni says:

i have one of these gardens you can peep it at @calcastgram

but this girl is so gorgeous wow

AgentIzzy35 says:

Protip- when breaking up the potted plant and the packed soil- do it over a plastic bag (like from Home Depot) for quick clean up!

Fonda Sharkey-Wyatt says:

I’ve started collecting different kinds of mints: sweet mint, spearmint, apple mint, peppermint, just for something different to try.

NewbieSoaper says:

I want to do this on my kitchen wall. It’s perfect. Pls show how to do this. Thx!!! This is so cool

Kenneth Booe says:

I picked up chocolate mint from Walmart 2 or 3 days ago. smells like a York candy bar. yummy

Jennifer de Smidt says:

This looks so cool, and it’s very easy to make!
Maybe i’ll give this a try in the spring/summer months.

Izzy Literalist says:

Ur so pretty!

Kelly Henkins says:

If you like the taste of celery in things, try lovage. gives that flavor to a salad without the bulk.

Lynnita Cooper says:

Plant lavender, basil, lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary and/or sage to repel mosquitoes on your balcony. Double duty.

Debbie Chittick says:

Add Oregano to your herbs.  It’s awesome in spaghetti sauce.  Michael Symon has a great recipe for Sunday Sauce! I use 4 Country Pork Spare Ribs.  The meat fall off the bone after it’s done and your house will smell amazing while it’s cooking.

diana nevarez says:

Love ur idea.

Tesha Is All Natural says:

Bamboo, Lavender, Fenugreek…

Bephanie Lott says:

I love her!

Elaine Sian says:

You are awesome… I’ll start mine. I’ll keep you posted.

Hazardless says:

Do you water them every day?

Melanie Galindo says:

Good Idea❣️ thanks

Squid Kid says:

fka twigs

Taylor Elaine says:

Yay! I’m a Texas girl myself!? What part of Texas are you from?! Don’t give out the exact city of course but I would love to know if your from Dallas! That’s where I’m from! 🙂

Lidia Oatman says:

Love this video, definitely going to try this

Maria Yearout says:

Thanks! Having a go indoors on sunny sill!

NewbieSoaper says:

How to do a vertical wall planter?

Madalyn Lipsey says:

would the herbs ever out grow the jars

Kelli King says:

You should try dill and chives or even strawberries. they are very easy to grow with little maintenance.

Corey Walvatne says:

whats that pen you used? when i used actual chalk on chalk labels, it keeps rubbing off. plus i cant write good using chalk :

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