DIY Indoor Garden With LED Grow Lights

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here are the products i used:
Taotronic LED 36W grow lights

Socket set from

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evilkasper says:

For automated watering you can look at Dutch Bucket hydroponic setups. You will need a reservoir, a fountain pump and drip irrigation tubing. It should be located near the diy lawn sprinklers. It comes in different sizes and with a bit of work you could hide it in the copper tubing.

matanuska high says:

is lexel as strong as Flexible seal? ive always used flexi-seal in the orange and silver tube. will hold flexibility down to -40 degrees.

afiah2o says:

One system that works well for irrigation is to make a “self watering” pot. There is essentially a reservoir in the bottom of the pot (which must be water tight, so, in this planter version, you’d need to glue an additional piece of marble into the bottom, and seal it). The reservoir can then be made in a number of ways: a plastic pot can be cut to about a third the height of your overall container. Drill many holes in the bottom of it, and place it upside down inside your planter. The purpose of the pot is to hold the soil above the water, while the holes allow the roots to access the water. You then attach a short length of pvc pipe, with an angle cut across the bottom, so that the pipe runs vertically from the top to the bottom of the planter. This is your water delivery system, and essentially allows you to water under the plants, into the reservoir. Growing medium then goes into the pot, and your plant is planted directly into it. In the case of square planters, you may wish to use a square frame for your reservoir frame, instead of a pot. The frame can be topped with fine galvanized mesh, in place of the upside-down “holey” pot. The mesh serves the same purpose as the pot – to hold the soil above the water, so the roots can reach it but the soil is not saturated. An auto-drip system can water directly through the watering tube. More information on self watering planters is available online, and they work equally well indoors and out. The additional set-up pays for itself in maintenance time saved. Great for herbs, veggies, fruit. Great video! Thanks!

noiwont youcantmakeme says:

“tomato plants” suuuuurrrreeeeeee

barkbathory says:

not creative 🙁

dahrkness says:

Was pretty good until the lamp was just lazily slung over the top. Couldn’t you have run the wire through the piping so it’s out of the way?

Edoardo Mascheroni says:

Hi! I recently did something like that, using a “temporizer” similar to this one : easy to program

Neil F says:

where can I find the same tile saw you’ve used a couple times now?

yeld says:

You could explore building your own irrigation system using Arduino, humidity sensor, a pump and a reservoir.

Ricardo Ortiz says:

You could use a water (aquarium) pump plugged into a timer so you could do a irrigation system for a couple bucks.

Marco Sadun says:

I like the copper and the marble match… But is it affordable the assembly? Is possible to find good deals with left over tiles, however is not so easy for the copper on budget. How do you deal with the copper over time? After few weeks it tends to became black, do you leave it black or do you polish time by time?

Dan Weber says:

Nice work Ben. You could use a soil humidity sensor to trigger a water solenoid to open when it gets too dry. I have this one and it works pretty well. It runs off of 12v so it could be battery powered if needed. There are also 12v solenoids out there.

Brico Designs says:

As always nice design!

Well done Ben!

matanuska high says:

come over and see some flowers grow on my

The Island Workshop says:

great idea man, looks great

Bhavani Atmo says:

Cute project

Crafts With Ellen says:

Hydroponics is the dream scenario for me! Fish provide the nutrients for the plants, plants filter the water for the fish, how awesome is that 😀

ninjaplease says:

Fantastic! To kick it over the top I would fish the electrical wire through the copper frame. That would be cherry fa sho! Keep it good son

Joel R says:

Grow bulbs are hideous colour and don’t give significant advantages for this scale of growing.

Get Square w/ Tom Jolley says:

I’ve always loved the color of copper, I got some projects coming up that will utilize a lot of copper… really looking forward to them.

xSLWRTHNUx says:

0:46 Putting your tattoo to use! hahaha nice.

Brandon Schilling says:

Instead of automatic watering why not make it hydropinc. Replace the soil with something like hydroton expanded clay pelets or simplay lava rock. At the bottom you could have a small reservoir of water and a pump that pumps it up to the grow bed. You set the pump on a timer and let it run for 15 minutes every couple of hours. The water (with fertilizer) drains back into the reservoir, but the hydroton will stay wet until the next cycle.

Maciek Gołębiewski says:

You should check Arduino for automating things.

nisim asis says:

wow gj!

Laurin Drum Records says:

You could try to do something with Arduino:D As always: Great Video! I love your Content

cava sinon says:

For the irrigation maybe you can use… Copper pipes ?! 😀

Anuss School says:

nice jobs

Despina Nen says:

So beautiful

Dean Liaw says:

Don’t you just LOVE having sawdust in your home?

Ben L says:

This looks extremely useful and elegant! Thanks for the design!

Jerichote says:

you can try aquaponics!

os says:

Definitely check out Windowfarms. Using plastic bottles as planters, and some creative tubing you get a dripper system that you can hang in your windows, or just add some led lights to it to have it growing anywhere

Fredrik Abbors says:
It’s a Swedish design and the best system out there!

Ricardo Junqueira says:

Ben, why on earth you haven’t built yourself a workbench until now???

Vanessa Estrada says:

love the simplicity of the planter and the copper and marble paired together really make this unique and original .(and aesthetically pleasing)

TheBMallory says:

you could route the cable into the copper pipes
here’s what I did for automatic irrigation :

not as pretty but it can easily be scaled down as I have some extra electonics due to the solar panel. Basically an arduino controller, a moisture sensor, a small 12v water pump and a relay should do the trick. here’s my super simple arduino code :
hit me up if you use a moisture sensor as there’s a few tricks I learned while doing this

1989go says:

Why did you additionally seal the sides?

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