DIY Hanging Garden

In this Episode of HomeMade Modern, Ben Uyeda shows how to make a hanging herb garden.

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Erica says:

Awesome video! Could you make a floating shelf with hidden storage??

Nadia Ch. says:

And you could use the wood circles to make coasters !!! I love your videos so much !!!

sachin kadam says:

Too Good…  great idea….

DrePower1996 says:

Can you do a hanging loft bed

linday2009 says:

I love your work.

infinitesadie says:

love this channel so much!!!!

Missy Rabbit says:

the video editing and music put a nice touch on everything.  Please keep posting more diy videos.

TheSwoleBroscientist says:

And where does the water drip? On the ground?

Fadhli Jaffar says:

If you intend on using knots, tie them loosely so that you can adjust before tightening. Rule of thumb is to leave 1 inch(pending rope diameter) of space for each knot.

Alternatively, with additional rope length, make alpine knots and secure the boards with a key ring or small caribiner.

Melissa Acosta Rendón says:

This is so amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Mark Slinger says:

Just gave me a weekend project, thanks mate.
Great vids, keep em coming.

TheLeatherChannel says:

The trouble with all those cute looking herb gardens is that herbs grow huge. Assuming they will stay alive long enough, they will have to be repotted in about a month.

Mickey Swiffen says:

On the first project what do you use as the backing board??

And on the second project what size pots do you use???

SOPHIA EVANGEL Cheahbaby says:

You totally inspired my whole family and boys to try making things like you. May I know what are the tools needed to start. .what are they known as?

Loi Custodio says:

oh why ur so handsome mr pro?

EliteYuvaram V. says:

have any idea how to build a wall that looks exactly like the one shown at the end of the video? A lesson on that is much appreciated. And nice work in the video.

Erkin Bayirli says:

Hello, watering the garden without messing up the floor?! greets from austria

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