DIY Greenhouse PVC Hoop House Polytunnel Garden Homemade Cheap Low Cost $100 Build Easy Instructions

Watch in 4K: How to extend your growing season with this Sturdy 10′ x 12′ energy efficient High Tunnel Greenhouse, start your farm or homestead off right. Great for Windy Locations!
12′ x 25′ sheet of 6mil 6 year greenhouse plastic $50 on eBay, most expensive & Most Important part of the structure, do not skimp on this!
(14x) 10’ PVC 1/2” Tubing
( 1x) 8′ PVC 3/4″ Tubing
(5x) PVC 1/2” X Crosses
(2x) PVC 1/2” T’s
(24x) Stainless or Galvanized 1/2″ Two Hole Rigid Conduit Straps
(4x) 2×6 x 12’ Pressure Treated Lumber
(2x) 2×6 x 10’ Pressure Treated Lumber
(2x) 2×4 x 12’ Pressure Treated Lumber
(12x) 2×4 x 8’ Pressure Treated Lumber
4sq feet of plywood
10’x25’ Roll of 6 Mil Clear Plastic Sheeting (for Ends)
3’x12’ roll of heavy duty galvanized square fencing for shelf
2 Door Hinges
1 lb Box of 3” Deck screws
1 lb Box of 1 1/4” Deck screws


How to heat your greenhouse for Free or Pennies:

Raised Garden Beds Instructions:

When & How to Start Seed Germination Planting:

Im mild climates the greenhouse allows for growing year round. All year growing can be achieved by using water jugs or barrels for thermal mass.
In cooler climate this greenhouse allows growers to extend their outdoor growing season by several months! I use to have to wait until May after last frost to grow outside and plants died by early October. After making this greenhouse I was able to start seedlings in the greenhouse in March and the extra warmth & protection the greenhouse provides made the plants grow stronger, healthier and more bountiful for transplant earlier, and I was able to start another cycle of cool weather crops in September and harvest in late November!

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Dana Washington says:

Really enjoyed your video, I m very interested in adapting to this way of life. Very informative and affordable made me feel comfortable enough to get started. In need of much assistance.

Brian Hundley says:

Great little greenhouse. Thanks for making the awesome video, I’m going to make one now. I was wondering in the summer if the box fan gives enough ventilation to keep the temps semi reasonable? Do you just roll up the sides and keep fan going 24/7 or do you need to keep the door open as well? I was thinking a solar greenhouse fan off amazon but if the box fan is good enough I’ll just go with that.

shalandra burris says:

how did you connect the wood to the PVC pipes

Kevin Baker says:

If I get to the point I can move onto some land, I will use your design for a greenhouse, and for a tiny house.  (Slightly enlarged.)  I am thinking 16 x 30, 2 story.  (Enough room for a large open kitchen/dining/living area on the 1sr (with a laundry closet and half bath) and two bedroons and a full bath on the second.  A long porch on both sides (one open, the other screened in.)

M mangla says:

very nice

Jim Buford says:

Idea is good but going slower would have helped and the music drowned out your narration.

Gary Calcote says:

If I’m not mistaken, warming your water in the greenhouse would not only mean no loss of heat during the warming process but the blue flame emits CO2 gasses which as you already know is beneficial to your vegetation.
I have a greenhouse similar in size and I run a pilot light from an old water heater. ….the plants seem to love both the heat and CO2.
Thanx for the video share.

Coleen Wesley says:

love your garden and greenhouse. First timer here. Curious though. I live in the Pacific northwest, fall/winter/spring are very wet and cold, and your heating idea how often do you use it?

Nancy Hill says:

Love this concept. We are just building a hoop house and your ideas were fantastic. I love the raised beds around it. After watching several videos, this one was the best.

Chickmamapalletfarm says:

I actually got a little teary eyed watching this video. That was truly a “bare earth” to “abundance” story. I think that is the very best kind of story ever told! Very inspiring! You, my friend, are saving the world! I have been gardening for years, but have stepped it up in the past could of years. I just built my first greenhouse, attached to the house, and plan on building a hoop house in the garden in the next year. This was extremely helpful and exciting to watch. You are really living the dream! Good for you. Keep up the good work!

Lukáš Komárek says:

I saw many videos like this, but no one have it so nice and neat. Love it! Since end of last season when everything was eaten by squirrels and rabbits I was thinking about some sort of greenhouse. First I came across cattle panels one, but I can’t get cattle panels here in my area… but this pvc pipes solution looks way better! I am going to build one in following days.
Anyway, have questions.:) Do you glue the pipes together on top into the tees and crosses? And how about the plastic at the bottoms, how do you attach them to the base frame? Thanks!

Vin Landers Jr says:


JayTabs says:

What’s the name of the song you used from 6:30 onward

Dominic Spagnuolo says:

Question – is the fan a thermal one?

Richard Hoffman says:

The only problem with using vinyl pipes is that it rots the plastic at the point they touch, it takes 2 or 3 years. Wood works much better.

Shiju Varghese says:

Thank you. Will definitely make a few of my own soon. Very practical and economical. Great presentation too. Cheers

joe woodchuck says:

Cool !! Er, I mean warm!

Shepherdofmen says:

Great job, what is your estimated cost?

Andrew Haskins says:

Thanks for the info! I’m in Vermont and about to try my first step towards some semi-homesteading.

DiamondRadio333 says:

This design looks great. When I go to look to buy greenhouse plastic I see the following warning ” please note that product should not come into contact with PVC piping as this will degrade the product and void the warranty. If using with pvc, please use our batten tape or white felt in between.”
How do you get around this problem?

Tanee Dabney says:

wow! ive got to say i havnt seen such a motivating and well put togeather video og this type in a while. im in the process of figuring out and installing my first greenhouse now and have will most definitely be using this video for some reference points.

David Beiler says:

its a little crooked on the ground…

thereturnofk says:

Love the drone flights… AWESOME info video.

Judd Creech says:

Have you ever covered one of your raised gardens with a hardware cloth Quonset hut to keep out squirrels and chipmunks? We live in Indiana and the squirrels eat our tomatoes!!

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