DIY Garden Toys – Yard Yahtzee From Pallets

How to make a simple set of Yahtzee from recycled pallet timber. Simple woodworking project and involves the propane gas torch which has to be my most fun tool at the moment. I picked up some pallets a while back made from a mixture of 4×4 and 3×3 and have slowly been working my way through them.

Evolution Rage3 mitre saw made quick work of cutting them down, then a quick belt sanding. Onto the pillar drill with some forstener bits which make a fairly decent cut. You could use a hand held drill but make sure its as upright as you can get it and also clamp the blocks in case they snatch.
The little blow torch from ebay is still hanging on in there although bits have started to melt and it gets wicked hot after doing a sign. Finish off with a palm sander and some varnish, im using B&Q own brand quick drying varnish.

Music used: September Sky by Per Kiilstofte
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rusty bits says:

great job  but each of the opposite sides of the dice should add to 7

Adriana Vieira says:

muito bom ,adoro seus trabalhos

Eggnogonthebog Productions says:

A good game to play with your mates over a few beers in the garden. Nice one.

Cristina Gar says:


Hermen Lomas says:

Good stuff brother

Jax Teller says:

Belt sander to the face haha bloody mad 😛

TheAirheaded1 says:

Great Idea, thanks! Btw, the 1 and 6 are suppose to be on opposite sides though.

Dal J says:

Should make a domino set, Oh and your a funny fucka always make me laugh 🙂

pairaboots says:

dude ya gotta watch the rouge sander, it will eat your face!!!! nice toys you got there …keep them coming

Vanoid says:

I wish I had some of those power tools! good job!

Brian Sheehan says:

nice idea Bongo

ROVER25X says:

Sorry Bongo but 0:31 is YouTube gold, I can only imagine you saying “Fuck off” afterwards lol, hope you didn’t get too hard of a whack bud. 😉

Don Motz says:

cool idea for summer fun…especially with guests…

Roger Lanchbury says:

oops, that was a bit close to the knuckles. nice quick project Bongo

Oliver Madrigal says:

Very good!! I LIKE YOUR IDEA 😀

Don Challenger says:

Bongo, all that possible luck and no appearance by our star Mr. Butters. Although again a fine exposition it seems lacking without such cat presence. I’m sure this is no fault of your own, that boy was out on his pleasure hunt.

Ian Brodie Smith says:

Guild sander is it any good

kevlar says:

cheeky bit of kick back on the sander,hoo hoo.


Tidy work as always mate. Keep em coming. Cheers Moose down under.

lbird says:

best part is seeing you throw the dice… cool project!

Ian Brodie Smith says:

I bought this. I wanted to try out a cheap sander. I noticed it has a foot plate attachable to it may help me for clamping on a jig set up. Will let you know how it goes

GenTal1969 says:

I love a game of Yahtzee are you gona make a big re-usable slate score card ?

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