I needed a garden cultivator… then, I had a DIY-Brainstorm. I made this out of stuff I already had on hand, and IT WORKS FANTASTIC!

This is the best cultivator I’ve ever used!

Check it out… and HAPPY GARDENING,

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don seitz says:

mower blades might make good small sweeps??

elkhound25 says:

fantastic !

piqua793 says:

Patent pending?

tsx3214 says:

Works great with that wood chip base you have established! That tool is all you need. Great, thanks

gardening with fat steve says:

too bad I’m not as handy, nice job

me myself and I says:

can I buy that one from u ?

wfdrum says:

TP2 because of watching this video you made someone $30 richer today lol i saw one similar to yours it’s a plow and I bought it 🙂 I saw it at a flea market and it reminded me of this video !

Joan Smith says:

This may be as big as your cattle panel green house!

Reality Survival & Prepping says:

Very cool!

Mike Smith says:

Good Lord I hope your gardening skills are better than your welding. Those are some sorry looking welds. Did you do any prep on those surfaces? Looks like you need more heat too. Anyway, nice project. It seems to work really well at digging those weeds up without much effort.

Arms Family Homestead says:

That’s awesome! Good job saving money!

Kristian Johansson says:

Take a electric bike kit om eBay and mout it on that the battery pack Will fuktion as weight and the motor Will turn the rims for you

Don’t have grip you Say?

Just weld some small Metall bars/pins on the rim

Herb Clark says:

During WWII my father and mother started plowing for a garden using a wheeled device similar to your first design. However, they were plowing in black gumbo soil in Beaumont Texas. Mom had a rope affair tied around her and dad did the pushing. They finally switched and did a little better but took them quite a while to plow a row. Our neighbor behind us asked my dad if he would like him to hitch up his mule and plow up our garden. Smartest answer my dad probably said was yes! In the time it took them to do one row he and his mule did the entire garden!

contreeman says:


KC Heirlooms & Organics says:

Hoss Tools makes a wheel hoe like what u came up w. His tools are I think starting at $350.00 IIRC.. so your ingenuity saved you some serious scratch!

Zephirin Drouhin says:

That was a great idea!

Kelly Johnson says:

Do you take video requests?

jacki comber says:

Well done! My hubby just said what a very smart man!

RD Kitchen Garden says:

nice little fix. Have a marvellous day

Elaine H says:

Cool! Get you a patent on that thing 🙂

thaliahelene says:

Neat! I want one, and I don’t even have a foot plow. Heck, I garden in pots!

Lone Star Living says:

That looks awesome!

Sherwood Williams says:

Great idea!!!!!! I will use your idea to see what I can do. I’m battling yellow nut sedge. I love a clean garden but it’s impossible with nutgrass. I am trying to keep it manageable until I retire and let the hogs loose in the area to get the nuts. Love your vids.

cm b says:

LOVE this idea!!!  Nice ankles 🙂

Keith B says:


tewilgo says:

1 ST.

Cate's Garden says:

Wow, you ARE resourceful, how cool is this??

Rusted Oak Homestead says:

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Kathy Brochu says:

I want one !


That would be really awesome with some mini cobra heads on the tines .

Ani Johnson says:


Allen Hobbs says:


Larry Overton Sr. says:

That’s Great!!

Daniel Mercuri says:

Hi TP2,

Have you seen this?

I believe it is called a super bedder or something. I would like to know your thoughts on making rows that are perfectly square !

William Christopher says:

Stirs up loose wood shavings pretty good.  What does it do in dirt??


I made a cultivator for the soil with their hands

David Peters says:

I like it!

Jeanette Grisham says:


itsno1duh says:

l would do almost anything to avoid shopping and the disappointment of so many tools I find out there.  Well done!

J Baumgardner says:

Great idea I’ve got one in the shed that has double sweeps.It needs new handles.

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